Promoter analysis of the anthocyanin gene A1

--Andreas Schrell, Heinz Saedler and Udo Wienand

The A1 gene promoter has been analyzed for functionally important sequences using particle gun experiments. The full size A1 promoter (1758bp) as well as deletion derivatives were cloned in front of the luciferase gene. The constructs, together with cDNAs of the effector genes C1 and R1 were delivered into germinating kernels of the double recessive genotype c1 r1.

The analysis of the A1 promoter constructs revealed that a deletion up to position -303 still has almost full size promoter activity. However, A1 promoter activity is drastically reduced by the deletion of sequences downstream of position -214. Further fine structure analysis of putative myb and myc related sequences located in this area should show whether they represent binding sites for the C1 and R1 encoded proteins.

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