Location and designation of four EMS induced kernel mutants

--M. G. Neuffer

sh6, shrunken kernel, 7S (was sh*-1295). Shrunken opaque kernel; normal size; produces a pale green lethal seedling. Like sh1 but more extreme.

[ed. note: Compare note from Ames by P. S. Stinard; presumed allelism is to be tested next season.]

o14, opaque kernel, 6L, distal to Pl1 (was o*-924). Large opaque kernel with mostly floury starch except for a small amount of corneous starch near the base on the abgerminal side. Grows to a normal green seedling which gradually develops an iron deficiency type yellow striped appearance and is slow in growth.

dek32, defective kernel, 1S (was shop*-1322A). Dull opaque dented normal size non-viable kernel; endosperm floury and soft, embryo tiny, degenerate and necrotic resting in a much larger embryo cavity. Not allelic to dek1.

dek33, defective kernel, 5L, between bm1 and pr1 (was fldt*-1299). Opaque floury dented wrinkled non-viable kernel of nearly normal size. The endosperm is floury with little or no corneous starch. Some kernels have a patch of normal appearing tissue surrounding the silk attachment, apparent as a "Navajo"-like colored or mottled spot in the presence of the appropriate aleurone anthocyanin color genes (similar to dek17). The embryo is variably degenerate, with development arrested at Abbe and Stein stage 3; occasionally viviparous. Cultured immature embryos germinate to produce amorphous masses of callus and distorted shoots and roots. Linkage tests give the following order and map distances: A2 - 7 - bm1 - 13 - dek - 21 - pr1.

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