Location and designation of 8 dominant mutants from chemical mutagenesis and spontaneous origin

--M. G. Neuffer

These include 7 lesion mimics and 1 semi-dwarf which were located by crossing with the wx marked translocation set. The locations are given to the nearest wx1 T breakpoint.

Les11, Lesion, 2S (was Les*-1438). EMS origin. Like Les1 but slightly later in expression and less responsive to temperature and to background genotype. Located 14±3cM from wx1 T2-9c.

Les12, Lesion, 10S (was Les*-1453). EMS origin. Many small to medium, chlorotic to necrotic lesions form in clusters on the leaf blade beginning at the 5 leaf (20 day) stage. These lesions rapidly coalesce to form large senescent areas that may spread over the whole leaf and cause early death in some genetic backgrounds such as Mo20W. Not linked to R1.

Les13, Lesion, 6L (was Les*-2003). EMS origin. Frequent small to medium necrotic spots on leaf blade, sheath and culm, appearing at the 5 leaf stage. Some enlarge and coalesce to form long necrotic strips along leaf veins eventually spreading and causing senescence of the whole leaf. Mutant plants are lighter green and 1/3 to 2/3 normal height. Located 11±3cM from wx1 T6-9b.

Les14, Lesion, 3L (was Les*-2004). EMS origin. Many small round brown necrotic spots with light centers, some with anthocyanin halos, on leaf blade beginning at the 6 leaf stage. No reduction in height or vigor. Located 11±4cM from wx1 T3-9(8562).

Les15, Lesion, 2S (was Les*-2007). EMS origin. Tiny yellowish green plants with many small chlorotic and necrotic lesions on speckled yellow green leaf blade background that looks like iron deficiency symptoms. Located 2±1cM from wx1 T2-9b.

Les16, Lesion, 10S (was Les*-2016). EMS origin. Pale green plant that develops small chlorotic lesions on the leaf blade just before flowering. Located 10±3cM from wx1 T9-10b.

Les17, Lesion, 3L (was Les*-2345). Spontaneous origin. Profuse small to medium chlorotic and necrotic lesions expressed at 8-10 leaf stage causing plants to have a light green color. Occasional normal green non-lesion sectors appear on leaves. Located 3±2cM from wx1 T3-9c. In progenies segregating Wx1 vs. wx1 mutants rarely expressed in wx wx plants. Location determined by excess (over 1:1) of mutants in the Wx wx class for wx1 T3-9c backcross but 1:1 for all the others.

Sdw2, Semi-dwarf, 3 (was D*-1991). Nitrosoguanidine origin. Short plant, 1/3-1/2 normal height, with normal green erect leaves. Does not respond to gibberellins; no anthers in ear. Location 6±3cM from wx1 T3-9c. 8±3cM from Lxm.

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