Orsan/Wilson Hybrids, Inc.

Development of cytoplasmic male sterile lines of maize which are homozygous for indeterminate gametophyte (ig)

--Bryan Kindiger

Utilizing a homozygous ig 3 3 B-3Ld tertiary trisomic maintainer stock in a 'W23 type' background (see MNL 65:64), 9 cytoplasmic male sterile lines have been developed which are homozygous for ig.

The male sterile cytoplasms are cms-C, cms-S, cms-SD, cms-CA, cms-ME, cms-Vg, cms-Q, cms-L, cms-MY. All the cytoplasms have been converged (BC6+) into the background of the maintainer.

Each line is 100% male sterile due to both the sterility effects of the cytoplasm and having ig in a homozygous condition. Each line also carries the genetic constitution A1 A2 C1 C2 R-nj to obtain full expression of the R-nj phenotype.

Occurrence of haploids from these stocks is excellent. The frequency of derived androgenetic haploids varies between 1-9% depending on the pollen parent.

Maintenance of these lines is achieved by crossing them with the ig ig 3 3 B-3Ld 'maintainer' stock (MNL 65:64).

Seed of these stocks, as well as the maintainer are being supplied to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center.

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