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Linkage between Ms44 and C2

--Marc C. Albertsen and Mary R. Trimnell

We reported earlier that Ms41 and Ms44, both located on chromosome 4L, were determined to be non-allelic and separated by 14±2cM (Albertsen, MC and Neuffer, MG, MNL 64:52). We have subsequently obtained linkage of Ms44 with C2. We crossed Ms44 C2 with a c2 tester stock, ms44 c2. Male-sterile F1 plants, Ms44 C2/ms44 c2 were backcrossed to the c2 tester.

Progeny segregated 1:1 for purple and yellow kernels. Purple kernels were separated from yellow kernels, planted and classified for sterility. The following was obtained:
  Purple k's   Yellow k's  
  # sterile plants # fertile plants # sterile plants # fertile plants
Ear row #1 17 0 0 16
#2 20 0 0 15
#3 18 0 1 17
#4 18 0 0 20
#5 20 0 0 19
#6 19 0 0 20
Totals 112 0 1 107

These results indicate that the Ms44 locus is located virtually at the C2 locus. We are repeating the grow-out to determine if the 1 sterile plant from the yellow kernel class was a fluke or a true recombinant. Dr. Steve Briggs suggested using C2-Idf to independently verify these results. The initial crosses will be accomplished in our 1991 winter nursery.

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