The isolation, characterization, and cloning of Mutator-tagged dwarfing genes

--Robert Bensen, Guri Johal, Pat Schnable and Steve Briggs

Several andromonecious dwarfs have been isolated from Mutator lines. Allelism tests for these mutants are underway, as are tests monitoring their growth response to applied gibberellic acid (GA). One of the mutations (an1-891339) which causes a GA-responsive phenotype, is allelic to anther ear (an1). Co-segregation of an1-891339 and a genomic digest fragment (5.7kb) containing Mu1 has been observed. This 5.7kb fragment has been cloned. Further, a subclone (2.6kb) of this fragment which contains only flanking sequence has been isolated. The an1 gene is flanked on either side by id1 and bz2 (Neuffer, MG and Chao, S, MNL 65:52). Evidence supporting the prediction that the 2.6kb subclone is in or near the an1 gene includes its absence in the an1-6923 deletion mutant (MNL 65:130). Interestingly, the 2.6kb subclone does hybridize to DNA from the idd*-2286A deletion mutant (MNL 65:52). The 2.6kb subclone has been used to select maize genomic clones from a lambda-library. These genomic clones are currently being characterized.

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