ames, iowa

In likely has an insert --Peter A. Peterson 2

bz-m918501 --Peter A. Peterson 2

bz-m918504 --Peter A. Peterson 2

bz-m918505 --Peter A. Peterson 2

bz-m918516 --Peter A. Peterson 2

HPLC identification of anthocyanins in maize endosperm --Elizabeth E. O. Caldwell and Peter A. Peterson 2

HPLC identification of flavonol-glycosides in maize endosperm --Elizabeth E. 0. Caldwell and Peter A. Peterson 2

C-m897140 shows reduced frequency of transmission through male --Vijay R. Thatiparthi and Peter A. Peterson 3

Two-point linkage data for a2 and Ae-5180 --Philip S. Stinard 3

Three-point linkage data for cr4, oy and y9 on 10S --Philip S. Stinard 3

The elongate method of generating tetraploid maize stocks, revisited --Philip S. Stinard 3

shrunken-6 (sh6), a new shrunken endosperm/virescent seedling mutant located on 7S --Philip S. Stinard 4

sugary-3 (su3), a new endosperm mutant with sugary/shrunken phenotype --Philip S. Stinard 4

A new modifier of aleurone pigments --Patrick Schnable 5

tb may condition a semi-dominant effect on tiller number --Patrick Schnable 5

C-I-b836024: Ac induces chromosome breakage at the shrunken locus --Etienne Kaszas and Peter A. Peterson 5

Genetic mapping and allelisms of Mutator-induced defective kernel mutants - an update --M. G. James, M. J. Scanlon, P. S. Stinard and D. S. Robertson 6

Nucleotide sequence and transcript analysis of transposon Mu-A2, a regulator of Mu element transposition --Martha G. James, Michael J. Scanlon, Minmin Qin, Donald S. Robertson and Alan M. Myers 6

Transposon tagging the su1 locus --M. J. Scanlon, M. G. James, P. S. Stinard, D. S. Robertson and A. M. Myers 8

Seven novel defective kernel mutants from Robertson's Mutator stocks --M. J. Scanlon, M. G. James, P. S. Stinard and D. S. Robertson 8

A correlation between endosperm and seedling phenotypic variation in an allelic series of et1 mutants --M. S. Scanlon, P. S. Stinard, M. G. James and D. S. Robertson 8

Orange pericarp contains more niacin --Allen D. Wright 8


vp2-5080, a new mutable allele of vp2 with large revertant sectors --Philip S. Stinard and Brent Buckner 9


Transcriptional reactivation of inactive Spm elements in the presence of Spm-w elements --Vladimir Kolosha and Nina Fedoroff 9

Regulation of Spm promoter activity by the Spm-encoded tnpA gene product and DNA methylation --Douglas Cook and Nina Fedoroff 11

Promotion of early Spm transposition and repression of Spm transcription by TnpA in transgenic tobacco --Michael Schläppi and Nina Fedoroff 12

Regulation of the maize Spm transposable element: an hypothesis --Nina Fedoroff, Michael Schläppi, Douglas Cook and Vladimir Kolosha 14


Somatic embryogenesis in S0, S1, and S2 generations of two maize populations --Paul Pepo, Manjit S. Kang, Neeraja Kondapi and J. Ivan Dickson 15

beijing, china

Selection of somaclonal variants resistant to toxin of Fusarium moniliforme from a maize inbred susceptible to ear rot --Hongsheng Zhou 16

bergamo, italy

The b-32 protein is a functional ribosome inactivating protein --M. Maddaloni, S. Lohmer, I. Mauri, E. Martegani, F. Salamini, R. Thompson and M. Motto 16

Regulation of zein synthesis by nitrogen nutrition in cultured endosperms --C. Balconi, E. Rizzi, M. Motto, F. Salamini and R. Thompson 16

Analysis of the nitrogen nutritional requirements of the opaque-6 mutant --C. Balconi, E. Rizzi, F. Salamini, R. Thompson and M. Motto 17

In vitro response to somatic embryogenesis of Lo inbred lines of maize --F. Locatelli, M. Bertolini and E. Lupotto 17

Comparison between cluster analyses from RFLP and pedigree data of inbred lines related to Stiff Stalk Synthetic heterotic group --P. Ajmone Marsan, C. Livini, M. M. Messmer, E. Melchinger, P. Franceschini, G. Monfredini and M. Motto 18

The b-32 protein is not encoded by the opaque-6 locus --P. Ajmone Marsan, F. Salamini, P. Franceschini, G. Monfredini and M. Motto 20

The Bg transposable element from Zea mays L. exhibits sequence homology with plant and Drosophila transposons --H. Hartings, N. Lazzaroni, V. Rossi, M. Motto and F. Salamini 20

berkeley, california

Physiological genetics of dominant dwarfs --Rodney G. Winkler and Michael Freeling 21

Mapping Lg3 using RFLP's --Teresa J. Chan, John E. Fowler, and Michael Freeling 21

An anaerobic gene, which encodes an apparently non-glycolytic protein, shares sequence homology with Mu1.7 and Mu related sequence-A --Julie Vogel and Michael Freeling 21

A plant genetically mosaic for chromosome 7 monosomy was derived from an r-x1 deletion line --Philip W. Becraft and Michael Freeling 22

RFLP linkage analysis of rough sheath-1 on chromosome 7S --Shawndra D. Martinez, Philip W. Becraft and Michael Freeling 23

Pachytene DAPI map --R. Kelly Dawe, David A. Agard, John W. Sedat and W. Zacheus Cande 23

The features of cytological defects during meiotic and mitotic progression of microsporogenesis in male sterile mutants Ms41 and Ms44 --Qinqin Liu and W. Zacheus Cande 25

bloomington, indiana

Two ring chromosome derivatives containing a duplication of the R locus --Ellen Dempsey and M. M. Rhoades 26

Bozeman, Montana and Corvallis, Oregon

Genome mapping with non-inbred crosses using GMendel 2.0 --Craig Echt, Steven Knapp and Ben-Hui Liu 27

buffalo, new york

RI Plant Manager: a microcomputer program for genetic mapping with recombinant inbred strains --Kenneth F. Manly 29

campinas, sao paulo, brazil

Allometric genetics X. A three point test involving a gametophyte gene (Ga10 A2 Bt) --Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda and Luiz Torres de Miranda 29

canberra, australia and columbia, missouri

Name change for chloroplast mutator --William C. Taylor, Mary Byrne and E. H. Coe, Jr. 30

chestnut hill, massachusetts

Mutagenic effect of anther culture --Y. C. Ting and K. Delorey 30

Negative effect of maltose on anther culture --Y. C. Ting and K. Delorey 30


Isolation of new alleles of anther ear and indeterminate --Joseph Colasanti and Venkatesan Sundaresan 30

Ac transposition impaired by a small terminal deletion --Thomas Peterson 31

cold Spring Harbor, New york and columbia, missouri

Molecular cloning of ij (iojap): insertion of a Ds-like element is responsible for the ij-ref mutation --Chang-deok Han, Robert A. Martienssen and Edward H. Coe 32

cold spring harbor, new york and Johnston, iowa

Differential regulation of flavonoid biosynthetic genes by the P gene --Erich Grotewold, Thomas Peterson, Bruce Drummond, Brad Roth and Ben Bowen 33

college station, texas

Abscisic acid regulation of C1 transcription --Nam Paek, Dong G. Bai, Clint W. Magill, B. Greg Cobb and J. D. Smith 34

college station, texas and Columbia, missouri

Viviparous-10: a new viviparous mutant in maize --J. D. Smith and M. G. Neuffer 34

cologne, germany

En/Spm as a tool for gene tagging in heterologous species --Guillermo H. Cardon, Monika Frey, Heinz Saedler and Alfons Gierl 34

Asymmetric ends are required for excision of En/Spm --Monika Frey, Julio Reinecke, Heinz Saedler and Alfons Gierl 35

Transposition of En/Spm requires a bi-functional protein --Stefan Trentmann, Monika Frey, Heinz Saedler and Alfons Gierl 35

Structure and function of different C1 alleles --Brian Scheffler, Philipp Franken, Elvira Tapp, Andreas Schrell, Heinz Saedler and Udo Wienand 35

Analysis of functional domains of the C1 encoded protein --Philipp Franken, Susanne Kartzke, Peter A. Peterson, Heinz Saedler and Udo Wienand 36

Promoter analysis of the anthocyanin gene A1 --Andreas Schrell, Heinz Saedler and Udo Wienand 36

The structure of the DNA-binding domain of the Ac transposase --Siegfried Feldmar and Reinhard Kunze 36

Mutational analysis of Ac ORFa protein in vivo --Ralf Lütticke, Ulrike Courage and Reinhard Kunze 36

Immunohistochemical detection of the maize Ac protein in endosperm nuclei --Manfred Heinlein 37

Further studies on the regulation of Ac-dependent events --Manfred Heinlein and Peter Starlinger 37

The influence of promoter strength on Ds excision frequency in a transient excision assay --Detlef Becker, Ralf Lütticke and Peter Starlinger 38

columbia, missouri

Variable short internodes --Gregory G. Doyle 38

Tripsacum mapping project - progress report --C.A. Blakey, C.L. Dewald and E.H. Coe, Jr. 39

Instability in the An1 component of the idd*-2286A mutant --M. G. Neuffer and S. Chao 39

Location and designation of four EMS induced kernel mutants --M. G. Neuffer 39

Location and designation of 8 dominant mutants from chemical mutagenesis and spontaneous origin --M. G. Neuffer 39

Further characterization of the leaf development mutant, lbl --Donald Miles 40

Identification of a putative QTL affecting ear shank length --E. A. Lee, L. L. Darrah and E. H. Coe, Jr. 40


Paramutation: A system for temperature programmable transgenerational genetic change coupled to tassel determination --Bernard C. Mikula 41

Is paramutation coupled to developmental processes which determine tassel induction? --Bernard C. Mikula 43

eugene, oregon

A Mu-induced mutation that blocks the stable assembly of the photosystem II complex --Rodger Voelker and Alice Barkan 43

Studies of transposon-induced nuclear mutations that affect chloroplast gene expression and assembly --Alice Barkan, Kirsten Munck, Fenella Raymond and Rodger Voelker 44

freiburg, germany

Characterization of cDNAs encoding the maize TFIID proteins --Michael M. Haass and Günter Feix 44

freiburg, germany and hohenheim, germany

Identification of a mutant deficient in lateral root formation --Winfried Hetz, Verena Dinger, Michael Schwall, Günter Feix and W. Gerhard Pollmer 45

gainesville, florida

Mapping the restorer gene Rf3 with RFLPs --T. L. Kamps and C. D. Chase 45

Dormant, colorless alleles of vp1 --Christian Carson and Donald McCarty 45

A maize invertase clone --Karen E. Koch, Jian Xu and Donald R. McCarty 46

gainesville, florida and athens, georgia

EMS-induced waxy alleles: treatment of pollen versus seed --Ron J. Okagaki, Melanie Trull and Susan R. Wessler 46

grand forks, north dakota

Isolation of meiotic mutations from active Mutator stocks --Inna Golubovskaya and William F. Sheridan 47

harlan, iowa

Development of cytoplasmic male sterile lines of maize which are homozygous for indeterminate gametophyte (ig) --Bryan Kindiger 47

irkutsk, ussr

ORF2 of S mitochondrial plasmids potentially encodes a mammalian type protein kinase --Yury M. Konstantinov, Miroslava V. Derenko, Vladislav P. Ilyin and Vladimir M. Blinov 47

Protection of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from heat denaturation in vitro by maize HSPs --G. Borovsky and V. Vojnikov 48


A variant of C-type cytoplasmic male sterility with altered fertility restoration patterns -- M. E. Smith and E. D. Earle 48

johnston, iowa

Linkage between Ms44 and C2 --Marc C. Albertsen and Mary R. Trimnell 49

A new leaf mutant - narrow sheath (ns1) --Evan Elsing and Marc C. Albertsen 49

A suppressor of floral leaf development --Steve Briggs 50

A recessive barren-inflorescence mutation --Steve Briggs and Guri Johal 51

Defenseless mutants --Gurmukh S. Johal and Steven P. Briggs 51

The isolation, characterization, and cloning of Mutator-tagged dwarfing genes --Robert Bensen, Guri Johal, Pat Schnable and Steve Briggs 51

Cloning and characterization of two nuclear genes for maize mitochondrial chaperonin cpn60 --P. S. Close, S. P. Briggs, B. A. Bowena, T. K. Prasad and R. G. Hallberg 51

johnston, iowa and ames, iowa

The influence of random mating on recombination among RFLP loci --W. D. Beavis, M. Lee, D. Grant, A. R. Hallauer, T. Owens, M. Katt and D. Blair 52

kishinev, ussr

Wx locus in maize plants carrying unstable macromutation Cg2 --L. G. Tumanova, N. A. Vikonskaya and N. V. Krivov 53

Mutator system-controlled instability of the Cg2 locus --N. V. Krivov 54

Mutation system inducing instability in the Cg2 locus --N. V. Krivov 56

New induced heterochronic Cg2 mutation --N. V. Krivov and V. N. Lysikov 56

Meiotic patterns during microsporogenesis of an unstable corngrass macromutation --M. G. Nikolaeva and V. N. Lysikov 57

Genetic transformation and mutation induced with pollen irradiated with superhigh and high g-radiation doses --I. M. Romanova and V. N. Lysikov 57

Maize mutant Adh1 as a tool to establish cause of Cg2 instability --S. M. Buyukly and V. N. Lysikov 58

krasnodar, ussr

Relationship between frequency of autodiploid corn inbred occurrence and origin of initial stock --O. A. Shatskaya, V. S. Shcherbak, M. S. Chumak and E. R. Zabirova 58


Genome size in annual species of Zea. Relation with cellular parameters and altitude --Eduardo A. Guillín, Lidia Poggio and Carlos A. Naranjo 59

Cytogenetic analysis of the hybrids Zea mays ssp. mays x Z. mays ssp. parviglumis and Z. mays ssp. mays x Z. mays ssp. mexicana --María del Carmen Molina, Lidia Poggio and Carlos A. Naranjo 60

Evaluation of essential amino acid overproducers --Liliana H. Perini, Eduardo A. Bernatené and Carlos A. Naranjo 60

More about Gaspé germplasm for red flint corn improvement --Mónica B. Aulicino and Jorge L. Magoja 60

Cadmium toxicity during germination --Jaime R. Jatimliansky, Otmaro E. Roses and Daniel González 61

Waxy endosperm maizes: their response to photoperiod --Victor R. Corcuera, Luis B. Mazoti and Carlos A. Naranjo 62

The influence of the cob colour on the yields of flint and dent maizes --Victor R. Corcuera, Luis B. Mazoti and Carlos A. Naranjo 62

Phenotypic and chromosomic aberrations in plants regenerated from callus --Maria del Carmen Molina, M. D. Garcia and O. Caso 63

Phenotypic abnormalities in the progeny of plants regenerated from callus --M. D. Garcia, Maria del Carmen Molina and O. Caso 64

madison, wisconsin

A comparison of three Agrigenetics maize RFLP linkage maps --Jennifer Shoemaker, David Zaitlin, Jeffrey Horn, Sandra DeMars, Jane Kirschman and Jan Pitas 65

madison, wisconsin and San jose, california

Linkage of a second gene for NCLB resistance to molecular markers in maize --David Zaitlin, Sandra J. DeMars and Manju Gupta 69

madison, wisconsin and urbana, illinois and washington, dc

Another cytological marker on the Agrigenetics maize RFLP linkage map --David Zaitlin, Dale M. Steffensen and Elizabeth A. Zimmer 70


Recombination between Rp1-G and Rp5 --M. A. Sudupak, K. S. Hong and S. H. Hulbert 71

Mechanism of instability of Rp1-J --M. A. Sudupak and S. H. Hulbert 72

mexico city, mexico

Combining ability of different versions of Tuxpeño-based maize germplasm developed at CIMMYT --G. Srinivasan, S. K. Vasal and F. Gonzalez C. 72

Lodging resistant tropical maize inbred lines from Tuxpeño -- S. K. Vasal, G. Srinivasan and F. Gonzalez C. 73

Genetic variation and inheritance of resistance to the "Tar Spot" disease complex --S. K. Vasal, F. Gonzalez C. and G. Srinivasan 74

Milan, Italy

Recovery of callus lines from transformed protoplasts of endosperm suspension cultures --S. Faranda and L. A. Manzocchi 75

Phenotypic expression in in vitro culture of a mutation affecting endosperm IAA content --S. Mapelli, S. Faranda and L. A. Manzocchi 75

Biochemical characterization of some dek mutants --M. L. Racchi, M. Sturaro, S. Faranda and L. A. Manzocchi 76

Spatial expression of structural and regulatory storage-protein genes --Silvana Faccio Dolfini, Michela Landoni, Chiara Tonelli, L. Bernard and A.Viotti 76

Temporal and spatial expression of HSPs in developing kernels --Carla Frova and Graziana Taramino 77

b-Glucosidase activity in seedling tissues is reduced by exposure to light --Carla Frova 78

The parental allelic ratio determines the DNA modification of the zein genes --G. Lund and A. Viotti 78

Transformation of endosperm cell suspension cultures and immature seeds by high-velocity microprojectile bombardment --A. Genga, L. A. Manzocchi, S. Faranda and A. Viotti 78

Functional and molecular analysis of several mutations of the o2 locus --L. Bernard, P. Ciceri, B. Lazzari and A. Viotti 79

Developmental studies on seed germination and seedling formation --G. Gavazzi and G. Todesco 80

Characterization of des17 --M. Galbiati and G. Gavazzi 80

moscow, russia

Esterase organ-specific pattern revisited --Emil E. Khavkin and M. V. Zabrodina 80

S1 plasmid protein product synthesized in E. coli possesses a DNA polymerase activity --Evgeny V. Kuzmin and Tatiana Yu. Scherban 81

Use of tissue culture to test plant resistance to abiotic stresses --Y. I. Dolgykh, S. N. Larina and Z. B. Shamina 82

new delhi, india

B chromosomes and abnormal chromosome 10 (K10) in northeastern Himalayan maize --M. Kumar and J. K. S. Sachan 82

Lineages of 'Sikkim Primitives' (SP) --M. Kumar and J. K. S. Sachan 83

Knobs in northeastern Himalayan maize --M. Kumar and J. K. S. Sachan 84


Recombinant inbred pairs (RIPs) as a more efficient RFLP mapping population --David Weber and Tim Helentjaris 85


Observations of silk resistance to Fusarium graminearum in germplasm with resistance to Aspergillus flavus and Heliothis zeae --L. M. Reid, D. E. Mather and R. I. Hamilton 85

paschany, moldova, ussr

Dichotomous branched mutant (dib) --V. E. Micu, Eugenia C. Partas and D. G. Brinzila 86

Piracicaba, sao paulo, brazil

Mitotic instability in callus cultures of inbred lines adapted to tropical regions --Margarida L. R. de Aguiar-Perecin and Antonio Fluminhan, Jr. 87


Pollen tube growth in the white pollen mutant --Karen Hansen and Loverine P. Taylor 88

pusa (samastipur), india

Callusing and rhizogenesis--response of inbreds and their hybrids --A. Kumar, H. Kumar and S. K. T. Nasar 89

Acid phosphatase isozymes in root, coleoptile and callus tissues of inbreds and their hybrids --A. Kumar, H. Kumar, V. K. Shahi and S. K. T. Nasar 89

Interphase nuclear size variations in somatic and cultured tissues --A. Kumar, H. Kumar and S. K. T. Nasar 90

raipur, india

Karyological studies in Coix and maize --S. K. Katiyar, G. Chandel, R. Kumar and J. K. S. Sachan 90

Somatic embryogenesis in Coix aquatica Roxb. --G. Chandel and S. K. Katiyar 90

Pachytene chromosome morphology of Coix aquatica and its comparison with Zea chromosomes --S. K. Katiyar and J. K. S. Sachan 91

Scanning electron microscopic studies of pollen grains in the tribe Maydeae --S. K. Katiyar and J. K. S. Sachan 91

Isozyme diversity in Zea and related genera --S. K. Katiyar and J. K. S. Sachan 92

raleigh, north carolina

A Brazilian source of cms-S --Michel Ragot, Paul H. Sisco, Major M. Goodman and Charles W. Stuber 92

Reduced maps very close to NPI238 on chromosome 1L --Paul H. Sisco 93

Opaque-10 maps near bronze-2 on chromosome 1L --Paul H. Sisco 93

White luteus-5 maps near brachytic-2 on chromosome 1L --Paul H. Sisco 93

st. paul, minnesota

Beyond Mendel: DNA methylation in certain hybrids --S. M. Kaeppler, G. Holland and R. L. Phillips 93

Selection of a cDNA expressing lysine-insensitive dihydrodipicolinate synthase activity --Janita M. Sellner, Robin A. Keith, Burle G. Gengenbach and David A. Somers 94

A 233kDa subunit of acetyl-CoA carboxylase is encoded by the Acc1 gene --Margaret A. Egli, Burle G. Gengenbach, John W. Gronwald, David A. Somers and Donald L. Wyse 94

St. Paul, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin

Teosinte glume architecture (tga1), a locus from teosinte -- John Doebley, Jane Dorweiler and Jerry Kermicle 95

san jose, california and Urbana, illinois

A repeated sequence derived from the Arabidopsis telomere is dispersed in the maize genome as detected by in situ hybridization --Carol M. Uyeda, Manju Gupta and Dale M. Steffensen 96

saskatoon, sk, canada

Microsurgery of immature embryonic axis and recovery of plants through in vitro culture --V. R. Bommineni 98

slater, iowa

Stock 6 induced double haploidy is random --Ming T. Chang 98

Preferential fertilization induced from Stock 6 --Ming T. Chang 99

Stanford CAlifornia

"Pink" kernels in bz2 testers--a connection to ABA levels? --Virginia Walbot, Juli Nash and Maria-Ines Benito 100

Early sectoring and germinal reversion in a Mutator line with the bz1-mu1 reporter allele --Virginia Walbot 100

Early sectoring and germinal reversion in a Mutator line with the bz2-mu2 reporter allele --Virginia Walbot 101

Revertants and recombinants in bz2 alleles with Mu insertions --Virginia Walbot 102

Anthocyanins protect DNA from UV damage --Ann E. Stapleton and Virginia Walbot 102

Endogenous genetic regulation of anthocyanin production in embryogenic callus --John P. Bodeau and Virginia Walbot 102

Mu9, a candidate for the regulator of Mutator activity, encodes two head-to-head transcripts --R. Jane Hershberger, Christine A. Warren and Virginia Walbot 104

The Bronze-2 protein has strong sequence similarity to a soybean stress protein, Gmhsp26-A --Juliana Nash and Virginia Walbot 104

tochigi, japan

Detection of an unfertilized polar nucleus with a fertilized egg cell --Akio Kato 105

tucson, arizona

Duplicated RFLP loci are abundant in the genome --Jean Dowty and Tim Helentjaris 106

Developing an assay for the contribution of GA-biosynthetic loci to quantitative variation in height --Mary Ann F. Cushman and Tim Helentjaris 106

upton, new york

RFLP mapping of mutants --Eileen C. Matz, Frances A. Burr and Benjamin Burr 107

Integrated RFLP map --Benjamin Burr 107

urbana, illinois

Chromosome knob numbers of somatic cells of five inbreds --Y. Wan and J. M. Widholm 108

Globulin-1 gene expression in suspension cell cultures is dependent on exogenously supplied ABA --Si Qing Liu, David R. Duncan and Alan L. Kriz 108

The Glb1-V allele encodes an arginine-rich, basic seed globulin --Alan L. Kriz, Faith C. Belanger and Cheryl A. Green 109

Identification of maize cDNA clones corresponding to genes encoding chitinase and b-1,3-glucanase --Shenchuan Wu, Jack M. Widholm and Alan L. Kriz 109

Rearrangement of the "R" sequence is the only mitochondrial DNA alteration consistently associated with cms-S reversion to fertility --Gracia Zabala, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and John R. Laughnan 110

Expression of the R1-homologous region in mtDNA of cms-S sterile, restored and cytoplasmically revertant plants --Gracia Zabala, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and John R. Laughnan 110

Transposition characteristics of the naturally occurring cms-S restorer in inbred line CE1 --John R. Laughnan, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and Janet M. Day 111

Evidence for replicative transposition of cms-S restorers --John R. Laughnan, Susan Gabay-Laughnan and Janet M. Day 112

On the way to tagging the Rf2 restorer of cms-T --John R. Laughnan and Susan Gabay-Laughnan 113

Notes on identification and genetics of high methionine Zein-D (10kDa) --C. M. Wilson 114

Urbana, Illinois and Labege, France

Embryolike structure formation and subsequent callus induction from anther cultures of several genotypes --Vincent Beaumont, Pierre Dieu and Jack Widholm 114

waltham, massachusetts

A pristine background for studies on the origin and evolution of maize --Walton C. Galinat 115

A pristine background as a new direction for maize improvement --Walton C. Galinat 115

A new dominant yellow silk (Ys) gene for sweet corn improvement --Walton C. Galinat 115

Sexual transmutation consistent with the cupule reduction mode of maize's origin --Walton C. Galinat 116

The use of U.V. radiation to help rescue fungal infected seed --Walton C. Galinat 116

west lafayette, indiana

Placement of teosinte branched on the linkage map --Patricia S. Springer and Jeffrey L. Bennetzen 116

yangzhou, china

Study on male sterility. VIII. Identification of a group of YII-1 type male-sterile cytoplasm --Taichen Qin, Jianguo Chen, Mingliang Xu, Dexiang Deng and Yunlong Bian 116

Zemun-Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Allozyme polymorphism of maize plants transformed by bacterial gene integration --Kosana Konstantinov, Snezana Mladenovic, D. Kovacevic, J. Dumanovic and Bojana Tadic 117









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