--Peter A. Peterson

In an isolation plot that was C C and included the Dt element, crossed by c sh wx, a kernel was isolated that showed colorless sectors on a colored background. This appeared to be a loss of C, exposing c. In crosses with the wx-m1 reporter, Ac activity was not evident. From a self of a plant that was C-Bk/c, the following segregation was observed.
Colored Sectored Colorless Total
92-3212-12@ 126 62 202 390

Because 1/2 of the progeny of this self are colorless, it would appear that the sectored type is not male transmissible. The colored class could come from crossovers of the breaker locus with the C allele. This hypothesis will be tested further. There are a number of breaker phenotypes, unrelated to Ac-Ds that are being explored. 

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