The future of the Mutator stocks produced by Robertson at Iowa State University
--Donald S. Robertson

Many in the maize genetic community know that I have been in poor health for the last couple of years. Six months after the completion of chemotherapy, a CAT scan last December revealed no evidence of Hodgkin's disease. Side effects of the chemotherapy, however, have made it obvious to me that I will not be able to continue field work. Thus, I have no more need for any of my research material.

I plan to go through all of my stocks in 1993 and make a list of any of them that I think would be useful to other maize workers. This list will be included in the 1994 News Letter. Also any stocks I think are appropriate, will be forwarded to the Maize Genetic Cooperation Stock Center.

Stocks on this list will be made available to anyone requesting them. Any worker presently aware of stocks I have that would be useful in their research program should feel free to request them at any time. Also, anyone who would like to come to Ames to look for stocks of interest to them would be welcome at a mutually agreeable time.

My plans (God willing) are to have all stocks that might be useful to others distributed by the end of 1994. After that date, any remaining stocks will be discarded. 

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