A new allele of sr2 isolated in the progeny of regenerated plants
--M. L. Racchi, G. Todesco, A. Chiusi* and T. Chiari*
*IAO, MAE, Florence

By screening ears originally derived from the selfed progeny of regenerated plants, we isolated two mutants with margins of leaves white-striped, resembling sr2 in their striping pattern. A complementation test was then run making each mutant heterozygous with sr2 and scoring for presence of striped leaf phenotype in the mature plant as a proof of allelism between the mutant and sr2. This test led to the identification of one additional allele at the sr2 locus. Reciprocal crosses of the mutant (coded as L468) with sr2 gave rise to striped plants thus confirming the allelism of the mutant with this locus.
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