gl23 and gl18 are allelic
--Philip S. Stinard and Patrick Schnable

The mutant glossy23 (gl23), first reported by Sprague (MNL64:110), conditions seedlings with shiny leaf surfaces to which water adheres in droplets. In the course of our studies of the biology of glossy mutations, we obtained a gl23 stock from Dr. Sprague. Since gl23 had not yet been located to chromosome arm, we conducted experiments to determine its chromosomal location. In our 1991-92 winter nursery, we crossed plants homozygous for gl23 by a series of B-A translocations covering 19 of the 20 chromosome arms. We planted kernel samples from each TB cross in the sandbench, and found that only the seedlings grown from crosses involving TB-8Lc segregated for glossy.

In an unrelated experiment elsewhere in our winter nursery, we had produced an F1 between gl23 and gl18, also known to be located on 8L (our gl18 stock was obtained from Donald Robertson). We planted kernels from this cross in the sandbench, and found that they gave rise to glossy seedlings, indicating allelism. We repeated the allele test in our 1992 summer nursery and obtained the same results. We conclude that gl23 and gl18 are allelic. We also note that the expression of gl23 is similar to that of gl18 (weak expression). 

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