Inbreds whose tiller height is taller than the main stem
--Heebong Lee, Wonkoo Lee, Heechung Ji and Bongho Choe

We have attempted to develop hybrids with two tillers which bear harvestable ears. In order to develop such hybrids we developed a few inbreds from our indigenous local maize lines. Among the inbreds developed for tillering hybrids, one line was characterized by having higher tiller length than the main stem, while ordinary tillering inbreds usually have lower or lagging tiller height compared with the main stem. The height of the main stem of the inbred was about 70cm, while the heights of the first and second tillers were about 77cm and 73cm, respectively. We assume that one of the reasons for the lower main stem and higher tiller height of the inbred may be due to the fact that the root activities of the main stem may stop earlier than those of the tillers, which were developed later than the main stem. The agronomic characters of the inbred when crossed with other inbreds were not yet confirmed. But we assume that the inbred may be useful for developing tillering hybrids for silage production (inbred seed is available upon request).
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