Mu tagging of dwarfs
--Rodney G. Winkler and Tim Helentjaris

Two dwarfs were isolated from selfed ears from active Robertsons Mutator lines. Maize d*-3010 is andromonoecious, GA3 responsive, and was mapped to an interval between bnl3.06 and umc81, suggesting that it may be an allele of d3. Seed from an allelism cross is drying in the greenhouse. Analysis of "bulked segregant" pools (PNAS 88:9828, 1991) has identified a linked Mu1 element. A higher resolution mapping experiment is in progress. Maize d*-3685 is a semidominant dwarf that is GA3 responsive and appears to be extremely sensitive to environmental conditions, expressing well in the greenhouse, but expressing weakly in the Tucson fall field season. Dwarfs in this family were in repulsion to B, suggesting that d*-3685 maps to chromosome 2 (an allele of d5 ?). RFLP mapping confirmed the chromosome 2 map position by showing linkage to umc6

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