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Dosage of 10kDa zein influenced by the modifier-genes on the background of opaque2
--Shun-hong Dai and Meng-qian Zeng

Zein is one of the most important components of maize storage proteins. Taking advantage of the triploidy of the endosperm, we found the 10kDa zein had a dosage modified by the modifier-genes on the background of o2. Mo17 o2, Zhongxi092QPM, Zhongxi042QPM and the reciprocal crosses between Mo17 o2 and the two QPMs were used in our research. We harvested the 20 DAP endosperms, extracted zeins with 70% ethanol and 2% mercaptoethanol at 60 C and analysed zeins with SDS-PAGE. In Figure 1, it can be found that Mo17 o2 contains more 10kDa zein than the two QPMs and there is a dosage among the parents and their progenies caused by the modifier-genes.

Figure 1. SDS-PAGE of total zeins. Mo17 o2 (lane 1), Mo17 o2/Zhongxi042QPM (lane 2), Zhongxi042QPM/Mo17 o2 (lane 3), Zhongxi092QPM (lane 4), Mo17 o2 (lane 5), Mo17 o2/Zhongxi092QPM (lane 6), Zhongxi092QPM/Mo17 o2 (lane 7), Zhongxi092QPM (lane 8), MW marker (lane 9).

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