The lactate-PAGE band patterns of corn whole kernel, embryo, and endosperm
--D. H. Zheng, T. M. Song, Q. S. Yang and G. H. Song

Figure 1 is the comparison of the electrophoregrams of whole kernel, embryo and endosperm of inbred Gy237 and 8112. It shows that the band patterns of the whole kernel and the embryo are basically the same no matter the band number, mobility, width, intensity or stain patterns. Electrophoregram of endosperm not only has fewer band numbers and weaker staining than the whole kernel and embryo, but they almost are completely overlapping with the embryo bands. This indicated that both electrophoregrams of whole kernel or embryo could be used as the 'fingerprint' of corn inbreds or hybrids, but because the embryo dissecting is time consuming and rather difficult, our suggestion is to use the electrophoregrams of whole kernel in most cases.

Figure 1. Lactate-PAGE of albumins and globulins from whole kernel, embryo and endosperm of inbred Gy237 and 8112. 1) Gy237 whole kernel, 2) Gy237 embryo, 3) Gy237 endosperm, 4) 8112 whole kernel, 5) 8112 embryo, 6) 8112 endosperm.

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