Breeding behaviour of sh1-B allele--further analysis
--S. B. Allagikar-Nadiger and N. K. Notani

A new allele, designated sh1-B (shrunken1-Bombay) had been isolated locally which has a somewhat unorthodox breeding behaviour. Upon self-pollination, sh1-B yielded kernels with variable phenotypes. Upon testcrossing to the American tester sh1-A sh1-A all progeny kernels are completely shrunken (Allagikar et al., J. Genet. 70:33, 1991). sh1-A wx/sh1-B Wx heterozygotes were self-pollinated and the progeny kernels were classified for shrunken phenotype (Table 1).

Table 1. Classification of progeny kernels following self-pollination of plants sh1-A wx/sh1-B Wx.
Progeny no. Kernels (shrunken) Kernels (phenotypically non-shrunk en) Total Remarks
11:39-1 251 3 254 --
11:40-1 221 3 224 1 kernel half sectorial for shrunkenness; 1 kernel waxy mutable
11:40-2 154 2 156 1 kernel waxy mutable
11:40-3 258 2 260 --
11:40-4 223 2 225 --

It may be inferred: i) some instability prevails at the sh1 locus and ii) two kernels showed typical transposable element-induced instability at the waxy locus. 

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