New mutant designations
--M. G. Neuffer

ad2-2356A: This EMS-induced mutant has fused tassel and upper leaf parts. Leaf and floral tissues above the ear node tend to adhere, often growing together into single tissue. Unlike ad1, seedling and juvenile stages are normal. The first six leaves (those laid down in the embryo or supported by the endosperm) are completely normal, suggesting early maternal support provides normalcy. This mutant is designated ad2.
Trn1-1597: An EMS-induced dominant mutant, designated Trn1, expresses chlorotic and adherent leaf tissue on later leaves as they emerge, which become green and healthy after a few days of exposure to sunlight. This condition results in a smaller plant with torn leaves at flowering. Tests with 17 of 23 wx marked translocations available show linkage with all, but the tightest linkage is with those with breakpoints in the long arm of chromosome 9. Backcross data from a normal wx heterozygote give a map distance of 16±2.7cM from wx. This would place Trn1 distal to gl15 on 9L.
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