Use of flash tape to solve bird problems in the field
--Carol Rivin

When I first moved to Oregon I had terrible problems with birds scratching out my germinating seedlings. I found that a reflective mylar tape strung in twists between newly planted rows totally alleviated this problem. This tape doesn't interfere with other planting or cultivation tasks. However, the flashing makes folks a little crazy, so we take it down when the plants are large enough to be safe. The tape is cheap, easy to put up and take down, and re-usable if you're careful. I'm often asked for the source of the stuff, so here's where I get it: Nishizawa (USA) LTD, 112 West 9th Street suite 903, Los Angeles, California 90015. Phone: 213-627-7491. Ask for Flash Tape #996215. Last time I bought it, it came in 90 meter rolls at about $.95 each.
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