Cloning gibberellic acid biosynthetic genes from maize using transposon tagging
--Robert Bensen, Guri Johal, Pat Schnable* and Steve Briggs
*Iowa State University

Andromonoecious dwarfs, phenotypic for GA-deficient and GA-insensitive plants, have been identified in Mutator and Ac-Ds lines. Allelism tests demonstrated an1, d1, and d5 mutants to be among the identified dwarfs. A co-segregating DNA fragment which contains Mu2 was observed in the dwarf an1-891339. This fragment was cloned and a 2.6kb flanking sequence and sub-cloned. Both genomic and cDNA clones were selected using the flanking sequence as a probe. The allelic deletion mutant, an1-6923, lacks DNA homologous to either the flanking sequence or the selected cDNA. Northern analysis suggests a 3.5kb mRNA for the gene. Sequence analysis of the genomic and cDNA clones indicates that Mu2 is inserted within an exon or at an intron-exon border. With 2.5kb of the message sequenced a number of introns have been identified, but no homology to any published sequence is evident.
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