Standardization of Pioneer Hi-Bred RFLP probe nomenclature
--Debra L. Blair

We have recently begun an effort to standardize the nomenclature of biological material from Pioneer Hi-Bred to ensure that it is consistent with the rules developed by the Maize Nomenclature Committee. We have made every effort to keep this system both informative and easy to use--two things not always easy to unite! We will be adopting a three letter prefix for all material. The first two letters "ph" denote Pioneer Hi-Bred. The third letter denotes the type of material being described: for example, a third letter of "p" will be used to denote cloned DNA. We will be establishing a glossary for all third letter codes in 1993 and will submit it to the 1994 Newsletter.

We find it is necessary to alter the probe names used on our previously published maps to accommodate this nomenclature standardization. We will no longer use the designator "pio", but will now use "php". We have also dropped the central 0 (zero) in our number to help streamline the name. By making these two changes, we hope to keep our naming convention consistent with that agreed upon by the scientific community, while keeping any necessary changes intuitive and at a minimum. The new RFLP probe names are given in the accompanying list.
PIO060005 php06005
PIO060007 php06007
PIO060011 php06011
PIO060012 php06012
PIO100002 php10002
PIO100005 php10005
PIO100007 php10007
PIO100012 php10012
PIO100014 php10014
PIO100016 php10016
PIO100017 php10017
PIO100025 php10025
PIO100033 php10033
PI0100040 php10040
PIO100059 php10059
PIO100080 php10080
PIO120006 php12006
PIO120026 php12026
PIO150005 php15005
PIO150012 php15012
PIO150013 php15013
PIO150018 php15018
PIO150024 php15024
PIO150033 php15033
PIO150037 php15037
PIO150058 php15058
PIO200005 php20005
PIO200006 php20006
PIO200007 php20007
PIO200015 php20015
PIO200017 php20017
PIO200020 php20020
PIO200034 php20034
PIO200035 php20035
PIO200042 php20042
PIO200044 php20044
PIO200045 php20045
PIO200052 php20052
PIO200053 php20053
PIO200062 php20062
PIO200071 php20071
PIO200075 php20075
PIO200501 php20501
PIO200503 php20503
PIO200508 php20508
PIO200509 php20509
PIO200511 php20511
PIO200518 php20518
PIO200521 php20521
PIO200523 php20523
PIO200527 php20527
PIO200528 php20528
PIO200530 php20530
PIO200531 php20531
PIO200533 php20533
PIO200536 php20536
PIO200537 php20537
PIO200548 php20548
PIO200554 php20554
PIO200557 php20557
PIO200558 php20558
PIO200562 php20562
PIO200563 php20563
PIO200566 php20566
PIO200567 php20567
PIO200568 php20568
PIO200569 php20569
PIO200571 php20571
PIO200575 php20575
PIO200576 php20576
PIO200581 php20581
PIO200589 php20589
PIO200593 php20593
PIO200595 php20595
PIO200597 php20597
PIO200599 php20599
PIO200603 php20603
PIO200608 php20608
PIO200616 php20616
PIO200622 php20622
PIO200626 php20626
PIO200640 php20640
PIO200644 php20644
PIO200646 php20646
PIO200654 php20654
PIO200655 php20655
PIO200661 php20661
PIO200668 php20668
PIO200674 php20674
PIO200675 php20675
PIO200679 php20679
PIO200681 php20681
PIO200682 php20682
PIO200684 php20684
PIO200689  php20689
PIO200690 php20690
PIO200701 php20701
PIO200708 php20708
PIO200713 php20713
PIO200714 php20714
PIO200715 php20715
PIO200719 php20719
PIO200721 php20721
PIO200725 php20725
PIO200726 php20726
PIO200727 php20727
PIO200728 php20728
PIO200736 php20736
PIO200739 php20739
PIO200741 php20741
PIO200746 php20746
PIO200747 php20747
PIO200753 php20753
PIO200762 php20762
PIO200788 php20788
PIO200789 php20789
PIO200791 php20791
PIO200793 php20793
PIO200797 php20797
PIO200802 php20802
PIO200803 php20803
PIO200804 php20804
PIO200808 php20808
PIO200809 php20809
PIO200810 php20810
PIO200813 php20813
PIO200816 php20816
PIO200817 php20817
PIO200818 php20818
PIO200821 php20821
PIO200827 php20827
PIO200831 php20831
PIO200832 php20832
PIO200835 php20835
PIO200838 php20838
PIO200841 php20841
PIO200843 php20843
PIO200844 php20844
PIO200846 php20846
PIO200852 php20852
PIO200853 php20853
PIO200854 php20854
PIO200855 php20855
PIO200856 php20856
PIO200870 php20870
PIO200872 php20872
PIO200878 php20878
PIO200883 php20883
PIO200890 php20890
PIO200892 php20892
PIO200893 php20893
PIO200896 php20896
PIO200898 php20898
PIO200900 php20900
PIO200902 php20902
PIO200903 php20903
PIO200904 php20904
PIO200905 php20905
PIO200907 php20907
PIO200909 php20909
PIO200913 php20913

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