albany, california
Gene conversion-like rearrangement at the Kn1-0 tandem duplication --Julie Mathern and Sarah Hake 2
A new mutation affecting tassel and ear morphology --Laurie G. Smith and Sarah Hake 2
albany, california and berkeley, california
Ac-st and automutagenesis of Kn1-2F11 --Erik Vollbrecht and Sarah Hake 3
ames, iowa
Mutables at in --Peter A. Peterson 4
C-bk897174 --Peter A. Peterson 5
En2 (wx86 0246x) - potency of S and M functions --Peter A. Peterson 5
c2-m857272 - A geneticist interprets molecular events --Peter A. Peterson 5
The volatility of the maize genome --Peter A. Peterson 5
Quantitative genetic variation near an1 and bx1 --M. Lee and L. R. Veldbloom 6
Integrating maize and sorghum RFLP maps --C. Spike and M. Lee 6
The future of the Mutator stocks produced by Robertson at Iowa State University --Donald S. Robertson 8
Deletions with the wd phenotype in the short arm of chromosome nine induced by the Mutator system --Donald S. Robertson 8
Four-point linkage data for ae pr lw2 gl8 on 5L --Philip S. Stinard and Patrick Schnable 8
etched2 (et2), a new etched endosperm/albino seedling mutant, is located on 2S --Philip S. Stinard, Michael Scanlon and Patrick Schnable 9
A unique white endosperm viviparous allele of opaque5 --Philip S. Stinard, Patrick Schnable and Donald S. Robertson 9
gl23 and gl18 are allelic --Philip S. Stinard and Patrick Schnable 10
opaque12 (o12) is located on 4S, and conditions aleurone mosaicism --Philip S. Stinard and Patrick Schnable 10
Two independent mutants designated as shrunken6 (sh6) are allelic --Philip S. Stinard, Patrick Schnable and M. G. Neuffer 10
The Spm transposable element has an unusual, enhancer-insensitive promoter --Ramesh Raina and Nina Fedoroff 10
TnpA trans-activates de novo methylated Suppressor-mutator transposable elements in transgenic tobacco --Michael Schläppi and Nina Fedoroff 11
beijing, china
Dosage of 10kDa zein influenced by the modifier-genes on the background of opaque2 --Shun-hong Dai and Meng-qian Zeng 12
beijing, china
Separation of corn albumins and globulins by improved lactate-PAGE procedure --T. M. Song, D. H. Zheng, Q. S. Yang and G. H. Song 12
The lactate-PAGE band patterns of corn whole kernel, embryo, and endosperm --D. H. Zheng, T. M. Song, Q. S. Yang and G. H. Song 13
F1 hybrid electrophoregrams predicted and demonstrated by their parent inbreds --T. M. Song, D. H. Zheng, Q. S. Yang and G. H. Song 13
bergamo, italy
Molecular analysis of unstable alleles at the o2 locus --Detlef Michel, Francesco Salamini, Mario Motto and Hans-Peter Döring 14
Functional expression of the transcriptional activator opaque2 of Zea mays in transformed yeast --I. Mauri, E. Martegani, M. Maddaloni, F. Salamini, R. Thompson and M. Motto 14
Identification and mapping of RAPD markers in maize --P. Ajmone Marsan, G. Egidy, G. Monfredini and M. Motto 15
The transposable element Bg from maize transposes in tobacco --H. Hartings, E. Lupotto, N. Lazzaroni, V. Rossi, M. Motto and F. Salamini 16
berkeley, california
The order of liguleless gene function --Lisa Harper and Michael Freeling 17
Mapping of y10 on chromosome 3 --Lisa Harper and Michael Freeling 18
Blacksburg, Virginia
á-glucosidase occurs as large aggregates in "null" genotypes of maize --Asim Esen 18
Tissue-specific expression of á-glucosidase --Asim Esen 19
Subcellular localization of maize á-glucosidase --Asim Esen and David A. Stetler 19
bombay, india
Nature of dominant inhibitor of aleurone color, C1-I --S. B. Allagikar-Nadiger and N. K. Notani 20
Breeding behaviour of sh1-B allele--further analysis --S. B. Allagikar-Nadiger and N. K. Notani 21
boston, massachusetts
Teosinte in Guerrero near the Oaxacan border, Mexico --Garrison Wilkes and Jesus Sanchez 21
Teosinte in the Valley of Toluca, Mexico --Garrison Wilkes and Sukitoshi Taba 21
campinas, sao paulo, brazil and sta. cruz das palmeiras, sao paulo Brazil
From teosinte to maize: knobs as a means to maintain wild x domestic characters in blocks --Luiz Torres de Miranda, Luiz Eugenio Coelho de Miranda, Omar Vieira Villela, Hermano Vaz de Arruda, Joaquim A. Machado and Vera Lucia Monelli 21
From teosinte to maize II --Luiz Eugênio Coelho de Miranda, Luiz Torres de Miranda and Omar Vieira Villela 24
From teosinte to maize. III. Allometric genetics 12th theorem - a more involved three point test --L. E. C. de Miranda and L. T. de Miranda 25
A chromosome fragment that rescues lethal oil yellow genotypes --Dick Brock and Tony Pryor 25
chestnut hill, massachusetts
Mutagenic effect of anther culture per se --Y. C. Ting 26
Effect of silver nitrate on the differentiation of callus lines --Y. C. Ting 26
college station, texas
RFLP analysis of opaque2 genotypes in segregating populations --Srinavas R. Kata, Brian H. Taylor, A. J. Bockholt and J. D. Smith 26
Endosperm protein variation in maize "triads" --Kuanhung R. Lin, A. J. Bockholt, Brian H. Taylor and J. D. Smith 27
cologne, germany
Further characterization of En/Spm transposition in tobacco --Guillermo H. Cardon, Monika Frey, Heinz Saedler and Alfons Gierl 28
A morphological analysis of the liguleless2-2757 mutant, a new allele at the lg2 locus -- Katrina Snyder and R. Bertrand-Garcia 28
Ligule development occurs simultaneously at the normal sheath-blade boundary and in the prong of the Hsf1-O mutant -- Jessica Saberman and R. Bertrand-Garcia 29
columbia, missouri
Diagnosing map order of genes with RFLP markers --Ed Coe 30
Interval mapping of NEP factors on chromosomes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 --Ed Coe, Oscar Heredia, Susan Melia-Hancock and Shiaoman Chao 31
Location of Rld1 --S. Chao and M. G. Neuffer 33
New mutant designations --M. G. Neuffer 33
Location of Wrp1 --M. G. Neuffer 33
Les*-U957, a disease lesion mimic mutant with clonal properties --Elizabeth A. Lee, M. Gerry Neuffer and Edward H. Coe 33
corvallis, oregon
dks8, a mutation specifically eliminating shoot formation during embryogenesis --John D. Sollinger and Carol Rivin 34
Developmental studies of vigorless dek mutants --John D. Sollinger and Carol Rivin 35
GA and the germination of embryos in vivo and in culture --Connie White and Carol Rivin 36
Overlapping pathways of ABA-modulated gene expression during embryo maturation --Connie White and Carol Rivin 37
Use of flash tape to solve bird problems in the field --Carol Rivin 37
Environmental programming of paramutation in meristems of two and three week old seedlings --Bernard C. Mikula 37
durham, north carolina
A cross between Tripsacum dactyloides and Zea diploperennis --Mary Eubanks 39
Corn rootworm resistance conferred to maize via Tripsacum x Zea diploperennis --Mary Eubanks 39
Preliminary data from forage analysis of Tripsacum-diploperennis hybrid --Mary Eubanks and Joseph C. Burns 41
Eugene, ORegon
A new Mu induced mutation whose phenotype is suppressed in Mu-inactive tissue --Michelle Nolasco and Alice Barkan 41
Mu-induced nuclear mutations affecting late stages of chloroplast biogenesis: gene nomenclature, screening methods, and progress in mapping and allelism testing --Alice Barkan, Rodger Voelker, Janet Mendel-Hartvig, Michelle Nolasco, Macie Walker and David Johnson 42
Eugene, Oregon and Columbia, Missouri
The pl gene undergoes paramutation --Garth I. Patterson, Etienne Kaszás, Karen Cone, E. H. Coe, Jr. and Vicki Chandler 42
freiburg, germany and gainesville, Florida
Further characterization of the double mutant opaque2 brittle2 --Winfried Hetz, Klaus Grasser, Peter Südbeck, Günter Feix and Curt Hannah 43
gainesville, florida
Ds revertant alleles from sh2-m1 show a high frequency of precise excision --Michael J. Giroux, Ronald J. Okagaki and L. Curtis Hannah 44
Gainesville, Florida and Madison, Wisconsin
Suppression-of-mutability in bz1-m13::dSpm derivative alleles --Ron J. Okagaki and Oliver E. Nelson, Jr. 44
grand forks, north dakota
An optimized procedure for protein extraction and 2-D electrophoresis of maize embryo proteins --Guy Farish and William F. Sheridan 46
Recombinational mapping data for five translocation breakpoints on the short arm of chromosome one and four translocation breakpoints on the long arm of chromosome three --Don Auger and William F. Sheridan 46
Grand Forks, north dakota and St. Petersburg, Russia
New meiotic mutations isolated from Mu and Ac stocks --W. F. Sheridan, I. N. Golubovskaya and Don Auger 48
irkutsk, ussr and krasnodar, ussr
Effect of cadmium on in organello mitochondrial DNA, RNA and protein synthesis --Yu. M. Konstantinov, G. N. Lucenko, V. A. Podsosonny and A. S. Mashnenkov 48
islamabad, pakistan and urbana, illinois
Knob DNA in relation to combining ability --Sajjad R. Chughtai, Habib I. Javed, Haq Nawaz Malik, M. Aslam and Dale M. Steffensen 49
jinan, china
Research on selected high quality protein hybrids --Z. X. Liu, S. F. Jia, Q. F. Guo, J. F. Xu and L. M. Wang 50
Johnston, IowA
Two new alleles to male-sterile mutants ms2 and ms8 --M. R. Trimnell and M. C. Albertsen 51
Description and mapping of the tassel-less (tls1) mutation --M. C. Albertsen, M. R. Trimnell and T. W. Fox 51
Disease lesion mimics --Guri Johal and Steve Briggs 52
Altered HC-toxin reductase activity in transgenic BMS cultures --Bob Meeley, Keith Lowe, Dave Songstad, Guri Johal , Joanie Phillips and Steve Briggs 52
Cloning gibberellic acid biosynthetic genes from maize using transposon tagging --Robert Bensen, Guri Johal, Pat Schnable and Steve Briggs 53
Is our 'heartbreaker' a 'tourist'? --Guri Johal, Pam Close and Steve Briggs 53
Vestigial glume : tunicate interaction --Guri Johal and Steve Briggs 53
Identification of new male sterile-silky gene(s) --Pamela Close and Steve Briggs 53
Bar gene as a selection marker for maize transformation --Z. Zhao, K. Lowe and W. Marsh 54
Standardization of Pioneer Hi-Bred RFLP probe nomenclature --Debra L. Blair 54
Updated Pioneer Hi-Bred maize RFLP linkage map --D. Grant, D. Blair, T. Owens, M. Katt and W. Beavis 55
Cycling parameters for RAPD in maize --Emily Chin and Stephen Smith 61
RAPD primers used in analysis of the genome appear to be highly specific --Emily Chin and Stephen Smith 61
Direct amplification by RAPDs of fresh leaf disc tissue --Emily Chin and Stephen Smith 62
Polymorphism revealed by RAPD is highly repeatable --Emily Chin and Stephen Smith 62
Associations among inbred lines as revealed by RFLPs and by a thermocycling amplification methodology, Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLPs) --J. S. C. Smith , M. Zabeau and S. Wright 62
johnston, iowa and columbia, missouri
Interval mapping a new dominant male-sterile mutant, Ms42 --M. C. Albertsen, T. W. Fox, M. R. Trimnell and M. G. Neuffer 64
Y1 gene expression in the endosperm and leaves --Brent Buckner and Claravon Mathews 64
Cytogenetic localization of the y1, l10, l12, ms1 and si1 loci --Brent Buckner and Donald S. Robertson 64
The Y1 gene codes for phytoene synthase --Brent Buckner, Phillip San Miguel and Jeffrey L. Bennetzen 65
kishinev, moldova
Cg2 macromutation linkage data --N. V. Krivov and V. N. Lysikov 65
A test for allelism between Cg2 and Cg --N. V. Krivov 66
krasnodar, russia
Line 613/2 as a source of a high frequency of spontaneous diploidization in corn --E. R. Zabirova, O. A. Shatskaya and V. S. Shcherbak 67
Llavallol, Argentina
Meiotic studies in native races from northwestern Argentina --C. A. Naranjo, A M. Chiavarino and L. Poggio 67
Genome size in six races of maize from northwestern Argentina --M. Rosato, L. Poggio, C. A. Naranjo and J. Cámara Hernández 67
B-chromosomes in six Argentine races of maize --A. M. Chiavarino, L. Poggio, C. A. Naranjo and J. Cámara Hernández 68
Cryptic homoeologies in the hybrid Zea perennis x Z. mays ssp. mays (2n=30) revealed by treatment with dilute colchicine solution --L. Poggio and C. A. Naranjo 69
2-hydroxyethyl disulfide effect on spindle and chromosomes --M. C. Molina and E. A. Bernatené 69
Cadmium toxicity during germination --Jaime R. Jatimliansky, Otmaro E. Roses and Daniel González 70
Characterization and expression of a gene encoding a third member of the 18kDa HSP family in an inbred --Manish Raizada, David B. Walden and Burr G. Atkinson 70
The expression of the 18kDa HSP genes is independent and stage-specific during microsporogenesis and male gametophyte development --Burr G. Atkinson, Robert A. Bouchard, J. Roger H. Frappier and David B. Walden 71
Characterization of a cDNA encoding an 80kDa HSP and its expression in somatic and male gametophytic tissue --J. Roger H. Frappier, Robert A. Bouchard, David B. Walden and Burr G. Atkinson 71
Characterization and expression of genes encoding different polyubiquitin mRNAs --Ling Liu, David B. Walden and Burr G. Atkinson 72
Characterization and expression of genes encoding two different ubiquitin-fusion protein mRNAs --Ling Liu, David B. Walden and Burr G. Atkinson 72
The expression of polyubiquitin and ubiquitin-extension genes is independent and stage-specific during microsporogenesis and gametophyte development --R. A. Bouchard, J. R. H. Frappier, Ling Liu, B. G. Atkinson and D. B. Walden 73
The production and characterization of HSP 18 polyclonal antibodies and their use as immunocytological probes in radicles --Greg M. Brothers, Burr G. Atkinson, Dalia Kudirka and David B. Walden 73
Non-radioactive detection of single copy sequences in maize --Dan Maillet, Kelly Jo Bates and Alex Richman 74
Recombinant inbred mapping of a ubiquitin fusion protein gene --Dan Maillet, Burr Atkinson and David B. Walden 75
Callus induction from various genotypes --Kelly Jo Bates 75
madison, wisconsin
Corngrass (Cg) increases susceptibility to common rust and European corn borer --B. G. Abedon and W. F. Tracy 76
Systemic effects of Vg --W. F. Tracy 76
Pee Wee rediscovered? --W. F. Tracy 76
The brittle1 locus encodes an amyloplast membrane protein --Thomas D. Sullivan and Oliver E. Nelson, Jr. 76
Madison, Wisconsin
A PCR-based assay for the wx-c allele of maize --Dave Zaitlin 77
milan, italy
Molecular characterization of Zea mays glutelin genes and proteins --B. Lazzari, F. Sparvoli, L. Bernard and A. Viotti 78
A new allele of sr2 isolated in the progeny of regenerated plants --M. L. Racchi, G. Todesco, A. Chiusi and T. Chiari 79
Milan, ITALY
Genetic variability of maize GST and relation to herbicide tolerance --M. Sari Gorla, S. Ferrario, L. Rossini and C. Frova 79
A novel RFLP linkage map from an F2 --M. Enrico Pè, Raffaella Greco, Graziana Taramino, Luca Gianfranceschi, Renato Tarchini and Giorgio Binelli 79
Genomic regions controlling stalk-rot resistance --Giorgio Binelli, Luca Gianfranceschi, Renato Tarchini, Raffaella Greco, Graziana Taramino and M. Enrico Pè 81
Analysis of new gibberellin sensitive dwarf mutants --G. Gavazzi, G. Todesco, M. Galbiati and T. Helentjaris 82
Moscow, Russia
R-plasmid homology regions in mtDNA of the RU maize line possessing low copies of R-plasmids --E. V. Kuzmin and N. V. Lavrova 82
Peroxidase isozymes revisited -- Emil E. Khavkin and M. V. Zabrodina 83
Heritable changes of anodal esterase and peroxidase patterns in A188 somaclones --Emil E. Khavkin, M. V. Zabrodina, Yu. I. Dolgykh and Z. B. Shamina 84
Development of NaCl-resistant callus culture and regenerants --S. N. Larina, Yu. I. Dolgykh and Z. B. Shamina 84
new delhi, india
Meiotic abnormalities in NEH maize --M. Kumar and J. K. S. Sachan 84
Cytoplasmic effect on chromosome pairing in maize-teosinte hybrids --M. S. Ramesha and J. K. S. Sachan 85
In vivo propagation in maize-teosinte hybrids --V. V. Pandit and J. K. S. Sachan 85
R-marbled as a transposable element system --B. M. Prasanna and K. R. Sarkar 85
The significance of the silk attachment region in the expression of certain R alleles --B. M. Prasanna and K. R. Sarkar 86
R-mb:cc--a derivative from R-mb with a developmentally programmed anthocyanin pattern --B. M. Prasanna and K. R. Sarkar 87
Rooting and establishment of plantlets from longitudinal half plumule of mature embryo in vitro --Pranab Gayen, Jasbir Kaur Madan and K. R. Sarkar 88
Orientation of mature embryos on culture medium influences callus induction --Jasbir Kaur Madan, Ashutosh Pandey, Pranab Gayen and K. R. Sarkar 88
northfield, minnesota
Bigger backcross bang for the buck --Ed Weck 89
pascani, republic of moldova
A study of a new source of Bg --V. V. Koterniak 90
philadelphia, pennsylvania
Genetic maps of visible and RFLP markers in the vicinity of Tp1 and Tp2 --Deverie Bongard-Pierce, Mark Dudley and Scott Poethig 91
Deletions of Tp2 --Mark Dudley, Deverie Bongard-Pierce and Scott Poethig 91
The breakpoint of TB-10La --Mark Dudley and Scott Poethig 91
Vegetative and reproductive development in leafy1 and early flowering plants --Hilli J. Passas and Scott Poethig 91
Phase change in inbred and exotic lines of maize --Scott Poethig and Hilli J. Passas 92
Phase change along axillary branches --Matthew M. S. Evans and Scott Poethig 93
Piscataway, New Jersey
Imprinting of a zein post-transcriptional regulator --Sumita Chaudhuri and Joachim Messing 93
Zeon1, a member of a large retrotransposon family --Weiming Hu, O. Prem Das and Joachim Messing 94
A new allele of the P gene that conditions patterned pericarp --O. Prem Das and Joachim Messing 95
Developmental changes in the methylation of P-pr --O. Prem Das and Joachim Messing 97
Interactions of P-pr with other P alleles --O. Prem Das and Joachim Messing 97
pusa, bihar, india
Antiquity of maize in India --M. Kumar and J. K. S. Sachan 98
raleigh, north carolina
The effect of Rf1 on the methomyl sensitivity of cms-T callus --Mark E. Williams and C. S. Levings, III 98
Analysis of synonymous codon usage in maize --Sheila L. Fennoy, Gita Surti and Julia Bailey-Serres 99
st. paul, minnesota
Big rings in corn --Charles R. Burnham 100
A multiple-use inbred, A188 --Charles R. Burnham 100
Balanced lethals for chromosome 6 --Charles R. Burnham 101
Pale yellow endosperm color genes --Charles R. Burnham 101
Seedling survival after desiccation --Charles R. Burnham 101
Viability of pollen --Charles R. Burnham 101
Notes on pollination, ear and tassel bagging, etc. --Charles R. Burnham 101
Preliminary mapping and biochemical analysis of opaque8 --G. I. Graham, J. Suresh and R. L. Phillips 102
The effect of benzyladenine and thidiazuron on endosperm development and DNA endoreduplication --L. Schweizer, G. L. Yerk, R.L. Phillips, R. L. Jones and F. Srienc 102
Allele-specific degradation in endosperm development --G. L. Yerk, R. L. Phillips and R. V. Kowles 103
Characterization of defective kernel mutants (deks) in four genetic backgrounds by flow cytometry --G. L. Yerk, R. V. Kowles and R. L. Phillips 104
salinas, california
Distribution of perennial maize populations --D. L. Shaver 105
Sofia, Bulgaria
An attempt to use embryo-endosperm marker in obtaining CMS maize analogues --Toma Dankov, Miglena Kruleva and Zlatka Bojilova 105
A new source with a high percentage of haploid seeds --Toma Dankov, Miglena Kruleva and Zlatka Bojilova 106
Unexpectedly extended pollen viability in California --Greg Barnes and Virginia Walbot 106
Impact of cold stress on fractionation through cytochrome oxidase versus alternative oxidase respiration --Carol Thornber, Abdol-Ali Soltani and Virginia Walbot 106
Anthocyanins protect DNA from ultraviolet radiation-induced damage --Ann E. Stapleton and Virginia Walbot 108
taejon, korea
Tillering depends on temperature --Heebong Lee, Wonkoo Lee, Heechung Ji, Manki Baek and Bongho Choe 108
Inbreds whose tiller height is taller than the main stem --Heebong Lee, Wonkoo Lee, Heechung Ji and Bongho Choe 108
Super thin pericarp, is it possible? --Manki Baek, Wonkoo Lee, Heebong Lee, Heechung Ji and Bongho Choe 109
The use of bulk segregant analysis to map dwarf mutants --Tim Helentjaris, Ivone Torres-Jerez and Tom McCreery 109
Use of random cDNA probes for RFLP mapping --Tom McCreery, Tim Helentjaris and Ivone Torres-Jerez 109
Dominant dwarfs --Rodney G. Winkler and Tim Helentjaris 110
Mu tagging of dwarfs --Rodney G. Winkler and Tim Helentjaris 111
victoria, british columbia
The color of music - pigment notes --E. Derek Styles 111
waltham, massachusetts
The role of transposons in the origin and morphogenesis of maize --Walton C. Galinat 112
Bifurcation at different levels during the floral phase --Walton C. Galinat 112
Maize origin from two kinds of four-rowed teosinte --Walton C. Galinat 114
On the color of the New England Flints and their sweet corn derivatives --Walton C. Galinat 114
Pollen production by Vg tassels --Walton C. Galinat 116
wooster, ohio
Screening large populations for recessive bx1 genotypes --Kevin D. Simcox 116
The use of the "modified dry blot" procedure for RFLP analysis --Kevin D. Simcox and Michael D. McMullen 116
Mapping of multiple disease resistance genes on the short arm of chromosome six --Kevin D. Simcox, Michael D. McMullen and Raymond Louie 117
wooster, ohio and west lafayette, indiana
Mapping the HtN resistance gene to the long arm of chromosome 8 --Kevin D. Simcox and Jeffrey L. Bennetzen 118




Access to Maize Genome Data is Available Through Gopher 170
A Standard for Maize Genetics Nomenclature 171





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