Morphometric characters of seed in relation to callusing ability (%) and callus growth
--Jasbir Kaur Madan, P. Gayen and K. R. Sarkar

A study was carried out to ascertain whether there is any relationship between morphometric characters of seed and callusing ability (%) and callus growth. Mature seeds of thirty different inbreds were used in this experiment. Morphometric characters (except seed weight and seed volume) were recorded from 20 random seeds of each inbred. Sixty embryos from each inbred were cultured in MS media supplemented with 2,4-D (2 mg/l), casein hydrolysate (1 g/l), inositol (100 mg/l), sucrose (3%) and agar (0.7%). Records on callusing ability and callus growth were taken 14 days after inoculation. It was observed that morphometric characters of seed have no significant association with callusing ability (Table 1). However, seed weight, seed volume and seed width showed positive and significant correlation with callus growth.

Table 1. Association of seed morphology with callusing ability (%) and callus growth (r values).
Seed characters Callusing ability Callus growtha
Seed length (cm) 0.06 0.40
Seed breadth (cm) -0.03 0.56*
Single seed wt. (g) -0.24 0.63**
Single seed vol. (cc) -0.38 0.59**
Embryo length (mm) -0.13 0.37
Embryo width (mm) -0.24 0.41
*, **Significant at P=0.05 and P=0.01, respectively
aCallus growth (fresh weight basis) taken after 14 days of inoculation. 

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