Mapping of a novel d-zein and a proposal for revising nomenclature of the d-class zeins
--Sanjay Swarup and Joachim Messing

We have cloned and sequenced dzs23, a homolog of the 10 kDa zein gene. In order to map this duplicate gene, we used the recombinant inbred lines derived from the cross T232 X CM37 kindly provided by Ben Burr (Brookhaven National Labs.). dzs23 maps to 6L-57 on the BNL map; the same as the hex2 locus. This map location has been confirmed independently by Krone and Phillips (refer to their article in this issue) using the segregants from BSSS-53 X Mo 17 cross.

Since we know of at least two members of the d-class of zeins, we would like to propose a revised nomenclature of these zeins. In doing so, we would like to include both the class designation as well as the molecular weight of the protein as estimated from SDS-PAGE analysis. We, therefore, propose to use the names dzs10 (delta zein structural 10) for the 10 kDa locus (previously also called zps10) on chromosome 9 and dzs23 for the 23 kDa locus (see accompanying note) on chromosome 6. In accordance with the standard nomenclature, their respective protein products would be DZS10 and DZS23, respectively. 

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