The lxm1 gene maps near position 88 on 3L
--Denise Schichnes, Claudine Woo and Michael Freeling

The gene lxm1 is identified by a single, EMS induced dominant mutant allele. lxm1 was originally described and mapped to chromosome 3 by M. G. Neuffer (MNL 62:53). lxm1 shows linkage to lg2 on chromosome 3L.
lg2 Lxm1 Lxm1:lg2 W.T.
80 42 7 5

Based on these data, lxm is 8.3 map units from lg2.

Using RFLP probes for 3L, we determined the location of lxm1 at approximately position 88 on chromosome 3.
Probe Position # crossovers Total observed Map units
bnl5.37 81 12 183 6.6
bnl8.01 92 6 140 4.3
bnl10.24 93 2 50 4.0

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