Tests for allelism among dominant lesion mutants
--M. G. Neuffer

Les4 and Les*-1378 closely resemble one another and are located on chromosome 2L with similar linkage to the wx1 T2-9d breakpoint. It is therefore possible that they are allelic. After considerable effort we were able to obtain a plant that carried both mutants in repulsion and were able to cross pollen from it on a normal ear. We planted 100 seeds from this cross for observation with the hope of determining whether crossovers could be obtained between the two mutants. Among 98 progeny, 1 normal plant was obtained. This is expected if the two were not allelic; however, it is not possible to exclude contamination since pollen was used and a stray normal pollen grain could give this result. It should be noted, however, that three more extreme plants were also observed and these could be the reciprocal double mutant crossover. The results of this test are indicative but inconclusive. There are still no proven cases of allelism among 19 dominant lesion mutants that we have tested.
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