RI mapping of two ubiquitin sequences in maize
--Dan Maillet, Burr G. Atkinson and David B. Walden

In MNL 67:75 (1993) we communicated the location of a ubiquitin fusion protein gene uwo1 (MubG7), which was mapped to the long arm of chromosome 8 position 92 (similar to umc7) with the RI families TxCM and TxxCo. We now report the map positions of two more ubiquitin sequences that have been isolated and characterized (Liu et al., MNL 67:74, 1993; Bouchard et al., Maydica 38:135-144, 1993). Sequence uwo2 (MubG10), a second ubiquitin fusion protein gene, has been assigned to a sub-centromeric region of the long arm of chromosome 1 at position 74 using a gene-specific 550 bp 5' probe. Sequence uwo3 (MubG9), a polyubiquitin which encodes five tandem copies of ubiquitin in its open reading frame, has been mapped to a distal region of the long arm of chromosome 4 between positions 155 and 159 (between bnl15.07 and bnl8.23) employing a gene-specific 1.2 kb 5' sequence. Ascertainment of the map positions of other maize ubiquitin sequences is underway.
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