This is a summary of selected genetic research information reported in recent literature and in this News Letter. Numbers preceded by "r" refer to numbered references in the Recent Maize Publications section. New loci; mapping; cloning; sequencing; and trait inheritance information added this year to the Maize Genome Database (MaizeDB) have been extracted here. The term 'genelist' refers to references with information central to the uniqueness and designation of the gene, and may include references that are the first report for that gene. The Symbol Index also provides access to journal publications in which studies on gene expression, gene products, developmental control, physiological responses, techniques, etc., are reported. Comments or suggestions on these research aids, assembled by an unrestricted, Prof. Ligate Committee (Pat Byrne, Ed Coe, Georgia Davis, and Mary Polacco), are always welcome.
* with symbols identifies genes that may be allelic to previously designated genes. For guidance in choosing and assigning symbols, please refer to the section, A Standard for Maize Nomenclature, in this News Letter.

: bin 1.16, map note --r290
Adh1+Cm, evolution, origin --r293
adh1, map data --r696
adh1, promoter analysis --MNL68:41-44
adh1: bin 1.12, map note --r290
bz2: bin 1.10, map note --r290
cp3, first report --MNL68:28
cps1, first report --r46
cps1: uncovered by TB-1La, map note --MNL68:41
csu61, map note --MNL68:30-34
csu92, map note --MNL68:30-34
Def(Kn1)O: includes kn1 and knox3 but not adh1 or lw1; not male transmissible, TB-1La hypoploids embryonic lethal, map note --MNL68:3-4
dek1, vp5 uncovered by TB-1Sb, map note --MNL68:28
glb1: bin 1.10, map note --r290
gsr1, map note --MNL68:30-34
hcf6, map note --MNL68:41
hsp26, map data --r290
knox3, first report --MNL68:3-4
mdh4, genelist --r414
mdh4, map note --MNL68:30-34
p1: bin 1.04, map note --r290
pdc3: umc11 - wusl1032(gfu) - pdc3 - npi286 (bin 1.03); umc11 -18- npi286, map --r610
phi1: bin 1.12, map note --r290
tb1, origin --MNL68:88-89
ts2, map note --MNL68:70
ts2, sequence, ts2-m1, ts2-m2, restriction map --r206
umc184a(glb1), map data --r290
umc185(p1), map data --r290
umc194a(gpr), map data --r290
umc196(gfu), map data --r290
umc197(b32), map data --r290
umc217(gfu), map note --MNL68:30-34
uwo2, map note --MNL68:56
yg*-2448 -25- T1-9c(1S.48), map data --MNL68:27

akh2, first report, bin2.07: umc55a -3.6- akh2 -4.9- umc139, map note --MNL68:94
al1, lg1, gl2, d5, gl11, wt1 uncovered by TB-3La-2S6270, map data --r55
ask2: bin 2.07±, ask2 -6.5- umc55, ask2 -13.4- umc5; data from 16 bulked F3 Ask2 lines, map note --MNL68:93
csu109, map note --MNL68:30-34
csu17(rnp), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu40(grx), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu64(tau), map note --MNL68:30-34
et2-91g6290-26, first report --MNL68:107-108
gn1 first report, tightly linked or cosegregates with knox4, 1 cM from bnl17.19b, in bin 2.11, map note --MNL68:2
knox4, first report, map data --MNL68:2
les*-1378 -7- T2-9d, les*-1378 -48- T2-9b, les4/les*-1378, 98 testcross plants showed 1 normal and 3 more-extreme; suggests non-allelic (to date, no proven cases of allelism among lesion mutants), map data --MNL68:29
les1 -14- T2-9b(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
les10 -25- T2-9b(2) wx1; les10 -33- T2-9d(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
les11 -48- T2-9b(2) wx1; les11 -23- T2-9d(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
les15 -2- T2-9b(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
les18 , first report, -22- T2-9b(2) wx1; les18 -15- T2-9c(2) wx1; les18 -49- T2-9d(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
les19, first report, -24- T2-9b(2) wx1; les19 -42- T2-9c wx1; les19 -26- T2-9d(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
les4 -48- T2-9b(2) wx1; les4 -12- T2-9d(2) wx1, map data --MNL68:29
prp2, map note --MNL68:30-34
ssu2: bin 2.06, map note --r290
umc131 -4.6- umn1(acc) -10.4- umc2b (bin 2.06), map note --MNL68:92-93
umc184b(glb), map data --r290
umc198(whp1), map data --r290
whp1: bin 2.10, map note --r290

a1: bin 3.09, map note --r290
Abp1+W22, sequence, abp1, sequence --r691
atp1, genelist --r414
atp1, map note --MNL68:30-34
bif2, map note --MNL68:28
csu25(P450), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu32, map note --MNL68:30-34
csu96, map note --MNL68:30-34
e4: bin 3.04, map note --r290
e8: bin 3.01, map note --r290
g3, map data --MNL68:16
lg2 -8- lxm1, map data --MNL68:16
lg3: probed site uncovered in TB-3Sb hypoploids and monotelo3L (i.e., hypo3S) plants, map data --MNL68:16
lhcb1: bin 3.09, map note --r290
lxm1: bnl5.37 -6.6- lxm1 -4.3- bnl8.01 (bin3.06), map data --MNL68:16
mdh3: bin 3.08, map note --r290
me3, genelist --r414
me3, map note --MNL68:30-34
npi477(cab), map data --r290
obf*-A1 and -A2 band polymorphism maps near bnl15.20 (bin 3.07), map note --r273
te1: bin 3.05, umc18 -5.9- umc26 -4.1- te1 -2.9- bnl5.37 -6.5- bnl5.14, origin, map note --MNL68:91-92
tlr2, first report --r403
umc199(a1), map data --r290
umc208(cppgk), map data --r290
umc92 uncovered by TB-3Sb, map note --MNL68:16
umc92 uncovered by TB-3Sb, map note --MNL68:16
zag2, first report --r688
adh2, evolution --r304
adh2: bin 4.02, map note --r290
akh1: first report, bin4.04, umc191(gpc1) -7.5- akh1 -2.7- umc201(nr), map note --MNL68:94
bnl8.23 - uwo3 - bnl15.07, map note --MNL68:56
c2-m881058Y, sequence --r564
Cat3+W64A, sequence, cat3, sequence --r2
cat3: npi333 -7- [cat3, ncr(b70b)] -1- umc111 (bin 4.10), map data --r713
cent4: bin 4.05 by telotrisomic mapping: bnl5.46 - npi386 - umc47 - cent4 - bnl15.45 - bnl7.20 - umc14 - npi270, map data --MNL68:71
cp2, map note --MNL68:107
csu39(gfu), map note --MNL68:30-34
Dt6 left of TB-4Sa, map note --r86
gl4, map location --r222
gpc1: bin 4.04, map data --MNL68:30-34 r290 r696
gpc3, map note --MNL68:30-34
la1 (bin 4.03) -1.3- npi386 -4.5- dek7 (bin 4.04±.01) -1.3- orp1 -0.6- gpc1 -1.9- su1 (bin 4.04±.01) -3.4- (tga1, umc42, bt2) -3.4- (umc156, php20597) -3.4- npi584 -6.8- gl4 (bin 4.06), map location --r222
m-adh2n microsatellite cosegregates with adh2 RFLP/isozyme, map data --r696
m-gpc1 microsatellite cosegregates with gpc1 RFLP/isozyme, map data --r696
mpik5a, clone isolation, map note --MNL68:62-63
mpik5b, map note --MNL68:62-63
mpik6, map note --MNL68:62-63
mpik7, map note --MNL68:62-63
mpik8, map note --MNL68:62-63
orp1: bin 4.04, map note --r290
prh1, map data --r290
ris2, first report, map location --MNL68:41
sos1, first report --MNL68:87-88
ssu1: bin 4.08, map note --r290
su1 -11.3- lw4 -8.2- gl4, map data --MNL68:107 r222
su1, restriction map --MNL68:8
su1-2412, first report, su1-3162, first report, su1-4582, restriction map, su1-7110, polymorphism with Su1 probe, first report --MNL68:8
tga1, map location, origin --MNL68:109 r222
tga1: bin 4.04, umc193a(orp1) -0.7- umc191(gpc1) -6.2- (tga1, npi316) -2.0- umc201 -1.3- (bt2, umc47) -0.4- npi27 -7.5- umc42, map location --r222
umc191(gpc1), map data --r290
umc200(adh2), map data --r290
umc201(nr), map data --r290
uwo3, map note --MNL68:56
zbr1, map note --MNL68:30-34
zrp4, first report --r352

Cat1+W64A, sequence --r332
csu108(gtpb), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu149(ts2), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu173(gfu), map note --MNL68:30-34
lw2, map note --r232
pgm2: bin 5.03, map note --r290
pr1 -14.4- lw3 -37.9- v2, map data --MNL68:107
ris1, first report, map location --MNL68:41
tbp2, first report --r787
umc186b(Bs1), map data --r290
umc209(prk), map data --r290

csu116(elf), first report --r414
csu70(gfu), map note --MNL68:30-34
Dt2 right of TB-6Lc, map note --r86
dzs23, first report, sequence --MNL68:81-82
dzs23: bin 6.06, distal to umc21, 4±3 cM, map note --MNL68:92
enp1, map note --MNL68:30-34
ga*-GFS1994, first report --MNL68:105
gpc2: bin 6.00, map note --r290
hox2, map note --MNL68:24
idh2: bin 6.10, map note --r290
m-ppdka2 microsatellite cosegregates with pdk1 RFLP/isozyme, map data --r696
mdh2: bin 6.10, map note --r290
npi(pdk1), map data --r696
oec33: bin 6.02, map note --MNL68:30-34 r290
pgd1: bin 6.01, map note --MNL68:30-34 r290
pl1, sequence --r164
pl1: bin 6.04±.01, map note --r290
rab17 (=dhn1): bnl3.03 -4- rab17 -20- umc138 (bin 6.06), map --r849
rab17: bin 6.06, map note --r290
rhm1, agrp144, umc85 closely linked (some variation in order among experiments); distal to bnl6.29 (bin 6.00), map --r849
umc173b(pdk), map data --r290
umc180(pep), map note --r290
umc204(bz1), map data --r290
zag1, first report --r688
Zp15+A5707, restriction map, sequence, zp15, sequence --r228

crp1, map note --MNL68:41
csu129(ntm9), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu13(h1), map note --MNL68:30-34
Csu13+B73, first report --r414
csu27(bcl), map note --MNL68:30-34
Dt3 right of TB-7Lb; crp1 right of TB-7Lb, map note --MNL68:41 r86
e1: bin 7.05, map note --r290
m-tpi1 microsatellite polymorphism cosegregates with RFLP/isozyme, map data --r696
o2, evolution --r585
o2-23::En, restriction map --r31
o5 -2.6- gl1 -9.7- tp1, map data --r232
rs1, map note --r788
thp1, genelist, map note --MNL68:30-34 r414
tpi1, map data --r696
umc193c(orp), map data --r290

ald1, map note --MNL68:30-34
bif1 -14- pro1 -27- lg4, map data --MNL68:27-28
blh*-2359, map note --MNL68:27
csu31, map note --MNL68:30-34
emp3, map data --MNL68:28
ldh1: bin 8.07, map note --r290
lhcb3, map note --MNL68:30-34
ms8 -13- j1 -9- emp3, map data --MNL68:28
obf*-B1 and B2 band polymorphism maps near umc7 (bin 8.10), map note --r273
pdc1: umc173 - pdc1 - umc12 (bin8.05); umc173 -18- umc12, genelist, map data --r610
pdc2: bnl9.11 - pdc2 - umc124 (bin 8.03); bnl9.11 -24- umc124, genelist, map data --r610
pro1 -46- j1 -31- rgh1, map data --MNL68:28
rgh1, map data --MNL68:28
stp1, map note --MNL68:30-34
umc173a(pdk), map data --r290
umc186a(Bs1), map data --r290
umc189a(a1), map data --r290
umc206(hsp70a), map data --r290
ar1, map note --r788
bz1-m13CS13, first report, bz1-m13CS14, first report, bz1-m13CS15, first report, bz1-m13CS16, first report --r113
bz1: bin 9.02, map note --r290
C1-m925408U, first report --MNL68:6-7
csu147, map note --MNL68:30-34
csu43(gfu), map note --MNL68:30-34
csu59, map note --MNL68:30-34
csu93, map note --MNL68:30-34
dek*-Mu1364, map note --MNL68:16
eno1, map note --MNL68:30-34
Eno*csu158+W64A2, first report --MNL68: 101-104
pep1: bin 6.05, map note --r290
sh1: bin 9.02, map note --r290
sus2: bin 9.04, map note --r290
umc194b(gpr), map data --r290
wx1: bin 9.03, map note --r290

csu6, map note --MNL68:30-34
csu86, map note --MNL68:30-34
DsI - 1.4 - tp2 - 12.4 - r1, map data --r232
glu1: bin 10.04, map note --r290
gpa1: bin 10.06, map note --MNL68:30-34 r290
hupm1, map note --MNL68:30-34
npi371c, structure --r358
orp2: bin 10.04±.01, map note --r290
oy1: see rp1 mapping data, map note --r358
R1-mb1994, first report --MNL68:63-64
r1: bin 10.08, map note --r290
rp1: (php20075, bnl3.04) -1.5- Rp1-G -2- Rp1 -1- (ksu3/4, npi422=npi371c) -4- npi285 -11- oy1, map data --r358
Sn1-bol3, sequence --r175
T10S-B-10L18a uncovers y9 (10S) and r1 (10L), map note --r88
T5-10(4801)(10) - 7.0 - tp2 - 14.1 - r1, map data --r232
umc182(r1), map data --r290

aat1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
abp4, first report --r691
abp4, sequence --r691
abp5, first report --r691
abt1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
Ac2, genelist --r207
agp*uazT14743, first report --MNL68: 101-104
ans1, genelist --r414
ant*uaz155, first report --MNL68: 101-104
app1, first report --r733
asp1, first report --r755
atp*uaz243, first report --MNL68: 101-104
atpc1, first report --r357
atpc1, sequence --r357
ba3, first report --r591
bvp1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
cah1, genelist --r414
cin*csu12, genelist --r414
clp1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
cry1, first report --r447
cry2, first report --r447
cry3, first report --r447
csu54b, map note --MNL68:30-34
d*-GFS1994, first report --MNL68:105
Def(Kn1)O, first report --MNL68:3-4
Ds-r, restriction map --r665
elf*uaz220, first report --MNL68: 101-104
elf1, genelist --r414
elf2, first report --MNL68: 101-104
end1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
gbp1, first report --r414
gpb1, genelist --r414
gpc*uaz190, first report --MNL68: 101-104
gss1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
gst*csu44, first report --r414
gst1, genelist --r680
hca1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
his2b*(uaz228), first report --MNL68: 101-104
his3*uaz248, first report --MNL68: 101-104
hsk1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
hsp18*uaz171, first report --MNL68: 101-104
hsp18*uaz210, first report --MNL68: 101-104
hsp18a, first report --r28
hsp70*uaz219, first report --MNL68: 101-104
hsp90*, sequence --r527
Htm1, first report --r656
Irma, first report --r564
Irma, sequence --r564
lhcb*csu66, genelist --r414
lhcb*X68682, first report --r785
lop1, first report --r107
ltf1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
MARZadh1, first report --r34
MDMV-cp, first report --r563
Med, first report --r564
mfs14, first report --r832
mfs18, first report --r832
mn4, first report --MNL68:28
mnb1, sequence --r838
mta1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
Mu1, origin --r136
MuDR, sequence --r382
Mx, first report --r555
myb*uaz216, first report --MNL68: 101-104
nac1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
NCS*-1994, first report --MNL68:100-102
nsf1, first report --r404
obf*X69152, first report --r273
obf*X69152, map note --r273
obf*X69153, first report --r273
obf*X69153, map note --r273
ohp1*, first report --r628
ohp2*, first report --r628
pal1, genelist --r414
pbp1, first report --r406
pgl*X65847, sequence --r45
pgl*X65849, first report --r45
pgl*X65849, sequence --r45
pgl*X65850, first report --r45
pgl*X65850, sequence --r45
pgl*X66422, first report --r45
pgl1, sequence --r45
pgl2, sequence --r45
pgl3, sequence --r45
pgl6, sequence --r17
pgl7, sequence --r45
pgl8, first report --r45
pgl8, sequence --r45
plt*csu136, genelist --r414
plt*uazT14763, first report --MNL68: 101-104
pop1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
ppi*uaz238, first report --MNL68: 101-104
ppi*uaz288, first report --MNL68: 101-104
prh*uaz244, first report --MNL68: 101-104
prh2, first report --MNL68: 101-104
psei*csu96, first report --r414
psei*csu96, map note --MNL68:30-34
ptc1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
ptk1, restriction map --r855
ptk1, sequence --r855
rip*uaz193, first report --MNL68: 101-104
rlc1, first report --r153
rMx, first report --r555
rpl10, first report --MNL68: 101-104
rpl19*uaz157, first report --MNL68: 101-104
rpl19, genelist --r414
rpl5, first report --MNL68: 101-104
rpo1, first report --r414
rps11*T14795, first report --MNL68: 101-104
rps13*X62455, genelist --r387
rps22, genelist --r414
rps8, genelist --r414
sar1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
sbe*uaz229, first report --MNL68: 101-104
sbe2, genelist --r265
sci*uaz232, first report --MNL68: 101-104
sdh1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
slr1, restriction map --r855
slr2, restriction map --r855
slr3, restriction map --r855
sod7*, genelist --r858
sod8*, genelist --r858
sus*uaz154, first report --MNL68: 101-104
tau1, genelist --r414
tlr2, first report --r403
tpk1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
tua4, sequence --r217
tub3, first report --r662
tub3, origin --r662
tub4, first report --r662
tub5, first report --r662
U5snRNA, sequence --r464
uaz159(gfu), first report --MNL68: 101-104
uaz191(rap), first report --MNL68: 101-104
uaz285(actr), first report --MNL68: 101-104
ubf9*uaz249, first report --MNL68: 101-104
uce1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
ugp1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
umc181(bz2), map data --r290
umc25(wx), map data --r290
vpp*T14790, first report --MNL68: 101-104
vsp1, first report --MNL68: 101-104
wip1, first report --r663
wip1, sequence --r663
yg*-2448, map note --MNL68:27
zag*uaz231, first report --MNL68: 101-104
zp19/22*uaz5, first report --MNL68: 101-104
zp19/22, evolution --r585

B chromosome, sequence --r13

L23-I operon, gene organization, L23-II operon, gene organization --r808
rbcL, evolution --r162
rpl2-I, gene organization --r808
rpl22, gene organization --r808
rpl23-I, gene organization --r808
rps11, gene organization --r808
rps19-I, gene organization --r808
rps2, gene organization --r808
rps3, gene organization --r808
rps4, gene organization --r808
rps7-I, gene organization --r808
S12-I operon, gene organization --r808
S2 operon, gene organization --r808

orf221, first report --r625

ABA content --r124 r581
ABA content,inheritance --r376 r771
aflatoxin content --r49 r313
amino acid content --r159 r337 r460
amino acid content,evaluation --r558
amylopectin --r799 r846
amylopectin,starch structure --r754
amylose --r798
amylose,starch structure --r754
androgenesis --r430 r560 r624
androgenesis,disturbed segregation --r561
androgenesis,recombination --r561
androgenesis,response --r783
anthesis-silking interval --r114
anthesis-silking interval,mechanism --r240
anthesis-silking interval,recurrent selection --r241
assimilate partitioning --r667 r795
baby corn yield --r44
biomass yield --r242 r795
biomass yield,recurrent selection --r92
branches per tassel --r134
cadmium content --r269
cadmium content,evaluation --r271
cell wall carbohydrate --r172 r267
chlorophyll fluorescence,evaluation --r695
competence for T-DNA transfer --r703
cupules per rank,QTL --r214
cuticular lipids,pest/disease resistance --r842 r843
days to pollen,inbreeding depression --r10
days to pollen,QTL --r617
days to pollen,recurrent selection --r412 r413 r689
days to silk --r48 r50 r779
days to silk,combining ability --r778 r780 r781
days to silk,heterosis --r818
days to silk,inbreeding depression --r237
days to silk,QTL --r617
days to silk,recurrent selection --r201 r412 r413 r457 r677 r689
digestibility --r172 r267
disarticulation score,QTL --r214
disease response --r101 r133 r178
disease response,evaluation --r597
disease response,review --r275
ear height --r48
ear height,F2 vs. F1 performance --r223
ear height,heterosis --r818
ear height,recurrent selection --r114 r412 r413 r457 r689
ear weight,recurrent selection --r724
embryogenesis --r159 r251 r268 r527 r551
embryogenesis,enzyme activity levels --r552
embryogenesis,review --r233 r479
fatty acid content,evaluation --r636
female sterility --r308
fertilization,review --r233
genome collinearity --r60
glume score,QTL --r214
grain moisture --r114
grain moisture,combining ability --r729
grain moisture,inbreeding depression --r237
grain moisture,recurrent selection --r412 r413 r457 r689
grain quality,heterosis --r818
grain yield --r7 r182 r477 r565 r667 r740 r795
grain yield,combining ability --r729 r778 r779 r780 r781
grain yield,F2 vs. F1 performance --r223
grain yield,heritability --r25
grain yield,heterosis --r289 r69 r778 r779 r780 r781 r818
grain yield,inbreeding depression --r10 r237
grain yield,marker-assisted selection --r623
grain yield,recurrent selection --r92 r114 r201 r412 r413 r457 r689
grain yield,selection --r336
grain yield stability --r242 r739
grain yield stability,methods --r388 r556
grain yield,year effects --r64
gravitropic response --r587
harvest index --r242 r795
harvest index,recurrent selection --r92
herbicide response --r737
HKG banding technique --r200
HSphosphorus production,QTL --r282
inflorescence development --r235
inflorescence development,review --r782
insect response --r101
internode length in primary lat branch,QTL --r214
kernel hardness,combining ability --r778 r781
kernel opacity,combining ability --r729
kernel size --r565
kernel size,dosage --r76
kernel type --r7
kernel type,recurrent selection --r458
kernel weight,recurrent selection --r398
leaf length --r134
leaf width --r134
male sterility --r1 r96 r300 r455 r472 r615
male sterility,biochemistry --r802
male sterility,mechanism --r438
male sterility,review --r566
megaspore development --r308
megaspore development,review --r233
microspore development --r426 r527 r609 r615 r624
microspore development,gene expression --r17 r538
microspore development,protein levels --r853
microspore development,review --r233
microspore development,transcription --r97
nitrogen content --r261
nitrogen content,combining ability --r655
nitrogen content,evaluation --r655
nitrogen use efficiency --r244
nitrogen use efficiency,combining ability --r655
nitrogen use efficiency,evaluation --r655
nitrogen use efficiency,recurrent selection --r518
no. branches in primary lat. inflor.,QTL --r214
node number --r134
phosphorus content --r261
phosphorus use efficiency --r188
phosphorus use efficiency,evaluation --r284
phosphorus use efficiency,inheritance --r189
percent cupules lacking pedic. spikelet,QTL --r214
pericarp firmness --r32
pericarp flavonoids,methods --MNL68:79
pericarp thickness,evaluation --r550
phenolic content,pest/disease resistance --r503
photoperiod response --r677
plant height --r10 r48 r134 r237 r242 r457 r689 r690 r778 r779 r780 r781 r818
plant height,F2 vs. F1 performance --r223
pollen viability --r274 r502
pollen viability,flavonoids --r529
pollen viability,gene expression --r529 r538
pollen viability,methods --r429 r661
pollen viability,review --r529
popping quality --r191
potassium content --r261
prolificacy,F2 vs. F1 performance --r223
prolificacy,heritability --r25
prolificacy,N effects --r236
prolificacy,QTL --r214
prolificacy,recurrent selection --r92
proline content --r581 r836
protein content --r303 r337 r394
radiation use efficiency,recurrent selection --r92
rank,QTL --r214
recombination frequency --r129
response to acid soil,recurrent selection --r317
response to aluminum,evaluation --r284 r335
response to Alachlor --r680
response to aryloxy phenoxypropionate,mechanism --r224
response to Aspergillus flavus --r121
response to Aspergillus parasiticus,combining ability --r313
response to barley yellow dwarf virus --r65
response to benoxacor --r283 r372
response to Bipolaris maydis --r368
response to Bipolaris maydis,evaluation --r770
response to Bipolaris maydis,map data --r849
response to Bipolaris maydis,mechanism --r408 r503
response to Busseola fusca --r452
response to cabbage looper --r438
response to carmine spider mite --r519
response to Cercospora zeae-maydis --r315
response to Cercospora zeae-maydis,evaluation --r671
response to Cercospora zeae-maydis,methods --r671
response to Cercospora zeae-maydis,QTL --r111
response to Chilo partellus --r12 r452 r454 r642
response to Chilo partellus,combining ability --r598
response to Chilo partellus,development --r451 r453
response to Chilo partellus,heritability --r9
response to Chilo partellus,heterosis --r9
response to Chilo partellus,inheritance --r9
response to coal fly ash --r540
response to Cochliobolus carbonum --r767
response to Cochliobolus carbonum,biochemistry --r541
response to Cochliobolus carbonum,description --r471
response to cold stress --r158 r515 r516 r737 r783
response to cold stress,combining ability --r510
response to cold stress,induction --r836
response to cold stress,mechanism --r124
response to cold stress,protein levels --r835
response to cold stress,recurrent selection --r458
response to cold stress,selection --r502
response to Colletotrichum graminicola --r119
response to Colletotrichum graminicola,inheritance --r765 r812
response to Colletotrichum graminicola,review --r580
response to corn earworm --r49
response to corn earworm,evaluation --r825
response to corn earworm,flavonoids --r717 r829 r830
response to corn earworm,heterosis --r818
response to corn earworm,methods --r828
response to cyclohexanedione,mechanism --r224
response to differential grasshopper,evaluation --r348
response to downy mildew,recurrent selection --r201
response to drought --r52 r158 r244 r329 r376 r581 r595 r620 r695 r771
response to drought,biochemistry --r648
response to drought,enzyme activity levels --r205
response to drought,heritability --r333
response to drought,mechanism --r240
response to drought,recurrent selection --r92 r93 r94 r241
response to EPTC --r180 r680
response to Erwinia stewartii,inheritance --r593
response to European corn borer,evaluation --r825
response to European corn borer,flavonoids --r3
response to European corn borer,inheritance --r759
response to European corn borer,QTL --r254 r690
response to European corn borer,transgenic expression --r447
response to Exserohilum turcicum --r130 r710
response to Exserohilum turcicum,characterization --r5
response to Exserohilum turcicum,evaluation --r6
response to Exserohilum turcicum,inheritance --r656
response to Exserohilum turcicum,methods --r645 r714
response to Exserohilum turcicum,selection --r336
response to fall armyworm --r438 r842 r843
response to fall armyworm,evaluation --r652 r784
response to fall armyworm,heterosis --r818
response to flooding --r776
response to Fusarium graminearum --r68 r177 r729
response to Fusarium graminearum,evaluation --r644
response to Fusarium graminearum,kernel --r27
response to Fusarium graminearum,phenolics --r27
response to Fusarium graminearum,QTL --r608
response to heat stress --r158 r619
response to heat stress,protein levels --r527
response to heat stress,QTL --r282
response to kanamycin,transformation --r150 r151
response to lesser grain borer --r394
response to low nitrogen --r244
response to low phosphorus,evaluation --r188 r189
response to lysine + threonine,evaluation --r558
response to maize chlorotic dwarf virus,marker-assisted selection --r623
response to maize chlorotic dwarf virus,methods --r490
response to maize chlorotic mottle virus --r684
response to maize chlorotic mottle virus,transgenic expression --r563
response to maize dwarf mosaic virus,evaluation --r375 r442
response to maize dwarf mosaic virus,marker-assisted selection --r623
response to maize dwarf mosaic virus,transgenic expression --r563
response to maize streak virus --r98
response to maize streak virus,tissue distribution --r611
response to maize weevil,heterosis --r818
response to maize weevil,phenolics --r697
response to methomyl --r300 r438
response to methomyl,mechanism --r408
response to metolachlor --r180 r255 r283 r372
response to nitrogen --r64 r223
response to nitrogen,prolificacy --r236
response to nicosulfuron,inheritance --r404
response to oxygen stress,cDNA sequence --r858
response to oxygen stress,enzyme activity levels --r205 r683
response to Phyllostica maydis,mechanism --r408
response to plant density --r764
response to Puccinia polysora --r844
response to Puccinia sorghi --r20 r365 r844
response to Puccinia sorghi,evaluation --r596
response to Rhizoctonia --r368
response to Rotylenchulus reniformis,evaluation --r826
response to salt --r158
response to sethoxydim,gene expression --r721
response to southwestern corn borer,inheritance --r759
response to Striga hermonthica,evaluation --r243
response to sugarcane borer,inheritance --r759
response to sugarcane mosaic virus,evaluation --r442
response to sulfonylurea,recessive sensitivity --r322
response to sulfonylurea,transgenic expression --r322
response to Trogoderma granarium --r394
response to Western corn rootworm --r26 r834
response to Western corn rootworm,evaluation --r649
root development --r251 r581 r587
root length --r244
root lodging --r250 r649
root lodging,inbreeding depression --r237
root lodging,recurrent selection --r412 r413 r689
root mass --r244
root strength --r250
sulfur use efficiency,recurrent selection --r518
seedling emergence,inbreeding depression --r10
seedling emergence,methods --r823
seedling emergence,recurrent selection --r398
seedling vigor,methods --r823
silage quality --r48 r267
silage quality,evaluation --r371
silage quality,yield --r218
silk elongation --r50
silk receptivity to pollen --r51 r52
silk senescence --r50 r51
soluble sugars,embryo and endosperm --r32
stalk lodging --r114
stalk lodging,recurrent selection --r412 r413 r689
staminate score,QTL --r214
starch branching,inheritance --r800
storage carbohydrate --r280 r303 r346
storage carbohydrate,starch composition --r409
tassel length --r134
zinc content --r269
zinc content,inheritance --r247

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