University of Western Ontario

Map locations of three 18 kDa hsps
--D. Maillet, C. Richardson and D.B. Walden

The heat shock proteins (hsps) of maize are encoded by multigene families. The DNA sequences of three 18 kDa hsps and the induction of the small hsp family have been investigated in maize inbred Oh43 (Atkinson et al., Developmental Genetics 14:15-26, 1993). As part of our studies on the 18 kDa hsp gene family DNA probes which are specific for the 3' regions of three different 18 kDa hsp have been assigned map locations using two recombinant inbred (RI) families (T232 x CM37 and Tx303 x CO159). cMHSP18-1-1, cMHSP18-3-3, and cMHSP 18-9-3 (Atkinson et al., 1993) have been designated as uwo9, uwo11, and uwo10, and placed on the RI linkage map at positions 9L085, 8S056, and 3S049 respectively. The placement of uwo10 is consistent with other RI mapping data (Helentjaris et al., MNL 68:101-104, 1994), which also indicate that there is an 18 kDa hsp on 3S at a similar location.
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