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Simple Sequence Repeats in maize - a progress report
--M. Lynn Senior, Emily Chin and Stephen Smith

Work has begun in earnest towards the development of a set of publicly available Simple Sequence Repeat markers in maize. An extensive search of Genbank® in early 1994 uncovered 105 sequences containing 190 repeats of di-, tri- and tetranucleotides. In addition, several repeat-containing clones have been extracted and sequenced from a maize genomic library enriched for the dinucleotide repeat AG (Library was synthesized by Ben Burr, Brookhaven National Labs, Upton NY and clones were provided by Linkage Genetics, Salt Lake City, UT). Primer pairs were made for all repeats that have acceptable flanking sequences. Of those primer pairs screened thus far, 35% have shown some polymorphism in maize. To date, 17 of these have been mapped using 192 plants of a B73 x Mo17 recombinant inbred population (Provided by C.W. Stuber, USDA-ARS, Raleigh, NC). The map shown on the preceding page was generated from these data using Mapmanager 2.5 (K. Manly, Mammal. Genome 4:303-313, 1993). In addition, another 11 primer pairs will be mapped using the Cm37 X T232 recombinant inbred population (Burr et al., Genetics 118:519-526, 1988). Approximately 60 primer pairs remain to be screened for polymorphism. Although most of the Genbank sequence data has been exhausted, we are in the process of synthesizing and screening additional genomic libraries for the presence of di-, tri- and tetra-nucleotide repeats. We hope to make primer sequences available through the Maize Database in the near future.


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