University of Minnesota

Map position of teosinte branched1
--John Doebley, Pamela vander Weil and Adrian Stec

We mapped teosinte branched1 (tb1) relative to seven molecular marker loci that are near it on the long arm of chromosome 1. The mapping population was based on a cross of W22 by a tb1-ref/tb1-ref homozygous plant. The F1 from this cross was backcrossed to a tb1-ref/tb1-ref plant. A total of 232 backcross plants were assayed. The tb1 stock was given to us by Charles Burnham. Locus order and recombination fractions were determined using computer program MAPMAKER Macintosh version 2.0. The map with recombination fraction between loci is shown below:
rz403  -- bnl8.10 0.0
bnl8.10 -- npi615  2.2
npi615  -- umc140 3.5
umc140 -- bcd1072c 1.7
bcd1072c -- mu4  0.0
mu4  -- tb1 1.7
tb1 -- umc107 1.3
umc107 -- bnl 15.18 0.0

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