gl13 recovered from Maize COOP stocks
--Philip Stinard

gl13, once thought to be lost, has been recovered from stocks at the Maize COOP Stock Center. The mutant is referred to by Anderson in MNL 29:5-6 (1955; the reference to gl13 in the 1993 and 1994 MNL gene lists is a mistaken reference to a gl3 allele). Mutant gl13 seedlings express a good glossy phenotype, although the seedlings may be somewhat twisted and necrotic. Seedlings that survive give rise to small plants with sterile tassels and tiny ears that do not set seed under Illinois conditions. Anderson's unpublished notes indicate possible location of gl13 to chromosome 5 based on F2 data showing linkage (repulsion) of gl13 with wx1 in the wx1-marked translocation T5-9c (5S.07, 9L.10). Recently increased stocks of gl13 are now available from the Maize COOP Stock Center. 

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