The dominant pale endosperm factor Iy1 is allelic to Wc1
--Philip Stinard

The Maize COOP has been maintaining a dominant pale endosperm factor named Iy1 (Inhibitor-of-Y1, McWhirter, MNL 41:175, 1967). Because the mutant White cap1 (Wc1) has a similar phenotype, an allelism test between the two mutants was conducted. A homozygous Y1 Wc1 line was crossed by a homozygous Y1 Iy1 line, and the F1 was backcrossed by a homozygous Y1 wc1 line. All of the backcross progeny kernels had the Wc1 phenotype, indicating either allelism, or very tight linkage between the two mutants. Since the number of progeny kernels was large (n = 4,458), it is likely that the two mutants are allelic. Since Wc1 has precedence in the literature, the Iy1 allele should be renamed Wc1-Iy1.
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