Location and designation of 3 EMS-induced dominant mutations
--M.G. Neuffer and Dan England

D10 (D*-2428) on chromosome 2L

A dominant EMS-induced dwarf mutant was located to chromosome 2L using the wx-marked reciprocal translocation method. This small, erect-leaf dwarf has leaves of proportionally normal width, slender stalk, and shortened internodes. It is not andromonoecious, with a small ear, and just a fair tassel that sheds good pollen. Tillers with a tassel seed expression are often present. The data showing linkage with wx T2-9d are presented below. Tests of several other chromosomes were negative.
Wx D Wx/+ wx D wx/+ Rec % SE
114 27 12 126 .14 +/- .02

Les20 (Les*-2457) on chromosome 1L

A dominant EMS-induced small chlorotic spot lesion mutant was tested for location to chromosome with the full set of wx-marked translocations. Linkage data with wx T1-9c and wx T1-9(4995) indicate location on the proximal one-third of 1L. Tests of several other chromosomes were negative.
Marker Wx Les Wx/+  wx Les wx/+ Rec %  SE
T1-9c 28 10 9 35 .23 +/- .05
T1-9(4995) 36 3 3 43 .07 +/- .03

Wi4 (Wi*-2445) on chromosome 5

A dominant EMS-induced chronically wilted mutant was shown, as indicated by the following data, to be linked with wx T5-9c. Other chromosome tests were negative.
Wx Wi Wx/+ wx Wi wx/+ Rec %  SE
39 9 14 29 .25 +/- .046

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