Induced mutations with confirmed locations
--M.G. Neuffer and Dan England

Below are listed 458 recessive mutations with confirmed locations, with a brief notation indicating how they were located (if located by another investigator, the investigator's name is noted in parenthesis). The mutants are ordered by chromosome, then alphabetically by lab symbol. Of these, 226 have been given gene symbols in a previous report, but 232 have not been designated and this constitutes the first report for nearly all this group. We are in the process of collecting samples of each to send to the Coop, but samples can also be obtained directly from us. All these mutations have been listed in the maize database, and we have therefore listed our lab symbols as they appear there.
Lab Symbol Gene How confirmed
Chromosome 1S    
ad*-N605B   TB-1Sb
blh*-N487C   wx T1-9a
blh*-N495B   TB-1Sb
bnk*-N1519C   TB-1Sb
clf*-N1348 dek1-1348 TB-1Sb
clf*-N1394 dek1-1394 TB-1Sb
clf*-N1401 dek1-1401 TB-1Sb
clf*-N792 dek1 TB-1Sb
clf*-N928A dek1-928A TB-1Sb
clf*-N971 dek1-971 TB-1Sb
cp*-N1009   TB-1Sb
cp*-N1078B   TB-1Sb
cp*-N1308A   TB-1Sb
cp*-N1393A   TB-1Sb
cp*-N1399A   TB-1Sb
cp*-N628   TB-1Sb
cp*-N991   TB-1Sb
dcr*-N1176B   TB-1Sb
de*-N1057B   TB-1Sb
de*-N1142   TB-1Sb
de*-N1162   TB-1Sb
de*-N1345B   TB-1Sb
de*-N1390A   TB-1Sb
et*-N617   TB-1Sb
et*-N745   TB-1Sb
fl*-N1208A   TB-1Sb
gm*-N1390C   TB-1Sb
hcf*-N1242B hcf9 hcf3; TB-1Sb
hcf*-N1268B hcf31 TB-1Sb
hcf*-N228B hcf6 TB-1Sb
hcf*-N846B hcf3 TB-1Sb
l*-N515 l16 TB-1Sb
les*-N501B lls1-501B allelism
pg*-N484A   TB-1Sb
pg*-N484B   TB-1Sb
pg*-N526C   TB-1Sb
pg*-N619   TB-1Sb
ppg*-N340B pg15 TB-1Sb
ptd*-N923   TB-1Sb
sh*-N1322A dek32 TB-1Sb
smk*-N1057A   TB-1Sb
vp*-N1136B   TB-1Sb
vp*-N1492 vp5-1492 allelism (Burr)
vp*-N1495 vp5-1495 allelism (Burr)
vp*-N1496 vp5-1496 allelism (Burr)
vp*-N2211 vp5-2211 allelism (Burr)
vp*-N81 vp5-81 allelism
wt*-N650A   TB-1Sb
Chromosome 1L    
ad*-N613B   TB-1La
bl*-N43   TB-1La
cl*-N801   TB-1La
cp*-N1113A dek22 TB-1La
cp*-N1311C   TB-1La
cp*-N888A cp3 TB-1La hypo
cp*-N918A   TB-1La
d*-N1352B   TB-1La
d*-N1883   bz2 linkage
d*-N1895   d*-1883 allelism
d*-N454A   TB-1La
de*-N1310B   TB-1La
de*-N1420   TB-1La
de*-N978   TB-1La
dnt*-N1185A   TB-1La
dsc*-N1315A dek2 TB-1La
et*-N1001A   TB-1La
gm*-N1303   TB-1La
hcf*-N1097B hcf13 TB-1La
hcf*-N1251 hcf12 TB-1La
hcf*-N1275C hcf41 TB-1La
hcf*-N1278B hcf44 TB-1Lc
hcf*-N1481 hcf50 TB-1Lc
hcf*-N506C hcf2 TB-1La
id*-NA0972 id1-972 allelism
idd*-N2286A idd1 an1, id1 allele
ij*-N8 ij2-8 TB-1La
l*-N544 l17 TB-1La
nec*-N360B hcf4 TB-1Lc
pg*-N1822A   TB-1La
pg*-N219 pg16 TB-1La
py*-N521A py2-521A TB-1La
smp*-N706A   TB-1La
spc*-N262A spc2 TB-1La
v*-N1806   TB-1La
v*-N245   TB-1La
v*-N55   TB-1La
w*-N1890   TB-1La
w*-N495A w18 TB-1La
w*-N547A   TB-1La
w*-N571C w18-571C TB-1La
wl*-N1831   TB-1Lc
wl*-N266A wlu5 TB-1La
wl*-N47   TB-1La
wl*-N56   TB-1La
wl*-N60   TB-1La
wl*-N709B   TB-1La
zb*-N101 zb7 TB-1La
Chromosome 2S    
cp*-N1076A   TB-3La-2S6270
cp*-N1319A   TB-2Sa
d*-N155B   TB-2Sa
d*-N208B   TB-3La-2S6270
dcr*-N1233A   TB-2Sa
de*-N1122A   TB-3La-2S6270
fl*-N1426   TB-3La-2S6270
gm*-N1289 dek3 TB-3La-2S6270
gm*-N1312   TB-2Sa
nec*-N1119B   TB-2Sa
nec*-N516B nec4 TB-3La-2S6270
o*-N1189A   TB-3La-2S6270
ptc*-N2284B   TB-2Sa hypoploid
ptd*-N901A   TB-2Sa
v*-N453A v26 TB-3La-2S6270
v*-N605A v26-605A TB-3La-2S6270
ws*-N2357 ws3-2357 allelism
wt*-N136A   TB-2Sa
wt*-N178C wt1-178C allelism
wt*-N472A wt1-472A TB-3La-2S6270
wt*-N666B wt1-666B TB-3La-2S6270
Chromosome 2L    
clf*-N1024A dek4 TB-1Sb-2L4464
cp*-N1225B   de*-660C allelism
dcr*-N1428 dek23 TB-1Sb-2L4464
de*-N1175   TB-1Sb-2L4464
de*-N660C   TB-1Sb-2L4464
et*-N1078A   TB-1Sb-2L4464
fl*-N1287   TB-1Sb-2L4464
fl*-N1414 dek16 TB-1Sb-2L4464
hcf*-N1253A hcf15 TB-1Sb-2L4464
hcf*-N490B hcf1 TB-1Sb-2L4464
l*-N1940 l18 TB-1Sb-2L4464
mn*-N1120A   TB-1Sb-2L4464
o*-N1195A   TB-1Sb-2L4464
spt*-N464 spt1 TB-1Sb-2L4464
spt*-N579B   TB-1Sb-2L4464
v*-N350 v24-350 TB-1Sb-2L4464
v*-N424 v24 TB-1Sb-2L4464
v*-N576A v24-576A TB-1Sb-2L4464
v*-N588A v24-588A TB-1Sb-2L4464
w*-N332   TB-1Sb-2L4464
w*-N346   TB-1Sb-2L4464
w*-N77   TB-1Sb-2L4464
Chromosome 3S    
cp*-N1283 dek24 TB-3Sb
d*-N339 d1-339 TB-3Sb
d*-N446 d1-446 TB-3Sb
dcr*-N1053A   TB-3Sb
et*-N1339A dek5-1339A TB-3Sb
gl*-N169 gl19 TB-3Sb
hcf*-N1257B hcf19B TB-3Sb
rgh*-N1112   TB-3Sb
sh*-N874A dek5 TB-3Sb
si*-N1323   TB-3Sb
wl*-N2 cl1-2 TB-3Sb
Chromosome 3L    
a*-N796 a1-796 TB-3La
bif*-N2354 bif2 TB-3La hypoploid
bz*-N1649 a1-1649 allelism
cp*-N1379A   TB-3La
cp*-N1436A   TB-3La
cp*-N330D dek17 TB-3La
crp*-N2207   TB-3La
d*-N210   TB-3La hypoploid
d*-N282   TB-3La
de*-N1126A   TB-3La
de*-N1166   TB-3La
de*-N932   TB-3La
et*-N1322C   TB-3La
gl*-N352A   TB-3La
gl*-N672B   TB-3La
gm*-N1311B   TB-3La
hcf*-N1280B hcf46 TB-3La
nec*-N720C   TB-3La
nj*-N1695 vp1-1695 allelism
p*-N1703 a1-1703 allelism
pa*-N1687 vp1-1687 allelism
rgh*-N1060   TB-3La
rgh*-N802   TB-3La
sh*-N2307 sh2-2307 allelism
sh*-N2340 sh2-2340 allelism
sh*-N391B sh2-391B allelism
sh*-N627D dek6 TB-3La
smk*-N1168A   TB-3La
smp*-N1324B   TB-3La
spc*-N553C spc3 TB-3La
su*-N748A   TB-3La
v*-N1886   TB-3La
wl*-N28 wlu1 TB-3La
wl*-N4   TB-3La
Chromosome 4S    
cb*-N719A   TB-4Sa
cp*-N1313   TB-4Sa
de*-N929   TB-4Sa
et*-N788 dek11 TB-4Sa
hcf*-N1261A hcf23 TB-4Sa
la*-N2020 la1-2020 allelism
nec*-N562   TB-4Sa
nec*-N673B   TB-4Sa
o*-N1119A   TB-4Sa
o*-N1228   TB-4Sa
o*-N1244A   TB-4Sa
orp*-N1186A orp1 TB-4Sa hypoploid
pg*-N1881   TB-4Sa
pg*-N673A   TB-4Sa
sh*-N1105B   TB-4Sa
sh*-N1167A dek25 TB-4Sa
sh*-N1324A   TB-4Sa
sh*-N1519B   TB-4Sa
smp*-N156A   TB-4Sa
spt*-N1269A spt2 TB-4Sa
su*-N1161A su1-1161A allelism
su*-N1968 su1-1968 allelism
su*-N1994 su1-1994 allelism
su*-N211C dek7 TB-4Sa
su*-N2313 su1-2313 allelism
su*-N2314 su1-2314 allelism
su*-N851 su1-851 allelism
su*-N852 su1-852 allelism
su*-N896A su1-896A allelism
su*-N912 dek7-912 TB-4Sa
su*-N959 su1-959 TB-4Sa
wst*-N413A   TB-4Sa
wt*-N10 wt2 TB-4Sa
Chromosome 4L    
cl*-N1632 c2-1632 allelism
cl*-N1640 c2-1640 allelism
cl*-N1670 c2-1670 allelism
cl*-N1682 c2-1682 allelism
cl*-N795   TB-4Lf
cp*-N1176A dek10 TB-4Lf
dcr*-N1005A dek8-1005A TB-4Lf
dcr*-N1156 dek8 TB-4Lf
nec*-N1487   TB-4Lf
nec*-N193   TB-4Lf
nec*-N642 nec5 TB-4Lf
o*-N1243 o1-1243 TB-4Lf
o*-N1478A o1-1478A allelism
o*-N1502 o1-1502 allelism
pa*-N1637 c2-1637 allelism
pa*-N1680 c2-1680 allelism
ptd*-N1130 dek31 TB-4Lf
rgh*-N1105A   TB-4Lf
v*-N378A   TB-4Lf
wl*-N311B   TB-4Lf
Chromosome 5S    
ad*-N664   TB-5Sc
cl*-N818A   TB-5Sc
cp*-N1430   TB-5Sc
cp*-N931 dek18 TB-5Sc
dcr*-N925A   TB-1La-5S8041
de*-N1002A   TB-5Sc
fl*-N1333B   TB-5Sc
gl*-N681A   TB-5Sc
l*-N1838   TB-5Sc
nec*-N409 nec3 TB-1La-5S8041
nec*-N493 nec6 linkage
pa*-N1634 anl1-1634 allelism
pa*-N330C anl1-330C TB-5Sc
sh*-N1992 sh5-1992 allelism
smk*-N1529   TB-5Sc
vp*-N80 vp7-80 allelism
vp*-N83 vp2-83 allelism
wl*-N44   TB-5Sc
Chromosome 5L    
bt*-N2308 bt1-2308 allelism
bt*-N2309 bt1-2309 allelism
cp*-N1275A   TB-5La
cp*-N1331 dek26 TB-5La
cp*-N1369   TB-5La
cp*-N1380A dek27 TB-5La
cp*-N1385   TB-5La
cp*-N863A   TB-5La
cp*-N935   TB-5La
crp*-N1365 dek9 TB-5La
de*-N1196   TB-5La
dnj*-N1534   TB-5La
fl*-N1145A   TB-5La
fl*-N1299 dek33 TB-5La
gl*-N166A gl8-166A TB-5La
grt*-N1308B grt1 TB-5La
hcf*-N1256 hcf18 TB-5La
hcf*-N1259A hcf21 TB-5La
hcf*-N1273 hcf38 TB-5La
hcf*-N1277B hcf43 TB-5La
mn*-N1536   TB-5La
nec*-N756B nec7 TB-5La
o*-N1065A   TB-5La
pg*-N296A   v*-735 allelism
pg*-N408C   TB-5La
pg*-N71A   v*-735 allelism
ppg*-N199 ppg1 TB-5La
pr*-N1515A pr1-1515A allelism
pr*-N1527A pr1-1527A allelism
pr*-N1621 pr1-1621 allelism
pr*-N1629 pr1-1629 allelism
pr*-N1631 pr1-1631 allelism
pr*-N1638 pr1-1638 allelism
pr*-N1644 pr1-1644 allelism
pr*-N1646 pr1-1646 allelism
pr*-N850   TB-5La
sct*-N206B wgs1 TB-5La
sh*-N2220 sh4-2220 allelism
sh*-N2310 bt1-2310 allelism
sh*-N797A bt1-797A allelism
smk*-N1160   TB-5La
sms*-N146C   TB-5La
v*-N26   TB-5La
v*-N473B   v*-735 allelism
v*-N735   TB-5La
vp*-N1499 sh4-1499 allelism
w*-N1126B   TB-5La
w*-N1834 pr1-1834 allelism
w*-N1868 lw2-1868 allelism
w*-N21A   TB-5La
w*-N22   TB-5La
ys*-N755A ys1-755A allelism
zn*-N571D   TB-5La
Chromosome 6S    
hcf*-N1263C hcf26 TB-6Sa
hcf*-N510C hcf5 TB-6Sa
o*-N1307A dek28 TB-6Sa
Chromosome 6L    
de*-N1400   TB-6Lc
gs*-N268 gs3 TB-6Lc
hcf*-N1269C hcf34 TB-6Lc
hcf*-N1271B hcf36 TB-6Lc
hcf*-N1282C hcf48 TB-6Lc
l*-N113   TB-6Lc
l*-N612B   TB-6Lc
l*-N62   TB-6Lc
o*-N1296A dek19 TB-6Lc
o*-N1320A   TB-6Lc
o*-N1368   TB-6Lc
o*-N1384A   TB-6Lc
o*-N924 o14 TB-6Lc
pg*-N1885   TB-6Lc
ptd*-N1425A   TB-6Lc
sh*-N1320B   TB-6Lc
smp*-N272A   TB-6Lc
stp*-N65A sr4 (J. Beckett)
v*-N634A   TB-6Lc
v*-N69A   TB-6Lc
w*-N278A   TB-6Lb
w*-N335   TB-6Lc
wl*-N217A   TB-6Lc
wl*-N358A   TB-6Lc
wl*-N362B   TB-6Lc
wxl*-N2292 sbd1 TB-6Lc hypoploid
Chromosome 7S    
cp*-N1294   TB-7Sc
de*-N1136A   TB-7Sc
o*-N2225 o2-2225 allelism
o*-NA0696 o2-A696 allelism
o*-NA0697 o2-A697 allelism
sh*-N1295 sh6-1295 TB-7Sc
vp*-N1493 vp9-1493 allelism
vp*-N1494 vp9-1494 allelism
vp*-N1497 vp9-1497 allelism
vp*-N2213 vp9-2213 allelism
Chromosome 7L    
bd*-N2355 bd1-2355 allelism
cp*-N1104B   TB-7Lb
cp*-N1417   TB-7Lb
cp*-N76B o5-76B TB-7Lb
de*-N1177A   TB-7Lb
et*-N1332   TB-7Lb
gl*-N1845   TB-7Lb
gl*-N212 gl1-212 TB-7Lb
gl*-N269 gl1-269 TB-7Lb
o*-N1241 o5-1241 TB-7Lb
o*-N1298   TB-7Lb
o*-N1310A   TB-7Lb
o*-N874B o5-874B allelism
sh*-N1341   TB-7Lb
smp*-N586B   TB-7Lb
spc*-N357A   TB-7Lb
v*-N413C v27-413C TB-7Lb
v*-N53B v27-53B TB-7Lb
v*-N590A v27 TB-7Lb
wl*-N543A wlu2 TB-7Lb
wl*-N629A   TB-7Lb
Chromosome 8L    
blh*-N2359   TB-8Lc hypoploid
cp*-N1387A dek29 TB-8Lc
cp*-N1392A dek20 TB-8Lc
crp*-N1058 pro1-1058 TB-8Lc
crp*-N1121A pro1-1121 TB-8Lc
crp*-N1429A   TB-8Lc
crp*-N1528 pro1-1528 TB-8Lc
crp*-N1533 pro1-1533 TB-8Lc
de*-N1386A emp3 TB-8Lc
fl*-N1163   TB-8Lc
rgh*-N1154A pro1-1154A TB-8Lc
rgh*-N1285 rgh1 TB-8Lc
sh*-N1530 pro1-1530 allelism
v*-N25 v21 TB-8Lc
v*-N29   TB-8Lc
v*-N358C   hypoploid test
v*-N779A   TB-8La
v*-N7B   v*-826 allelism
v*-N826   TB-8La
wl*-N203A wlu3 TB-8La
Chromosome 9S    
bz*-N1648 bz1-1648 allelism
cl*-N1623 c1-1623 allelism
cl*-N1625 c1-1625 allelism
cp*-N1054 dek12-1054 TB-9Sb
cp*-N1092A   TB-9Sb
cp*-N873 dek12 TB-9Sb
d*-N660B d3-660B allelism
sh*-N2221 sh1-2221 allelism
sh*-N399A   TB-9Sb
v*-N27 v28 TB-9Sb
v*-N585 v28-585 TB-9Sb
v*-N610 v28-610 TB-9Sb
v*-N697 v28-697 TB-9Sb
v*-N828 v31 TB-9Sb
v*-N829A   TB-9Sb
vp*-N1498 sh1-1498 allelism
w*-N1854   TB-9Sb
w*-N1865   TB-9Sb
w*-N627B   TB-9Sb
wl*-N1803   TB-9Sb
wl*-N1857   TB-9Sb
wx*-N1050A wx1-1050A allelism
wx*-N1240A wx1-1240A allelism
Chromosome 9L    
cp*-N1381   TB-9Lc
dcr*-N1409   TB-9Lc
dsc*-N749   TB-9Lc
et*-N357C   TB-9Lc
fl*-N1391 dek30 TB-9Lc
gm*-N1319B   TB-9Lc
hcf*-N1276B hcf42 TB-9Lc
o*-N744 dek13 TB-9Lc
pg*-N660A   TB-9Lc
v*-N1871   TB-9Lc
v*-N53A   TB-9Lc
v*-N806C   TB-9Lc
wl*-N41A wlu4 TB-9Lc
Chromosome 10S    
ad*-N590C   TB-10Sc
ad*-N647   TB-10Sc
cp*-N1435 dek14 TB-10Sc
gl*-N478B gl21 TB-10Sc
hcf*-N1281C hcf47 TB-10Sc
ij*-N504A   TB-10Sc
l*-N425 l19 TB-10Sc
o*-N1046   TB-10Sc
rgh*-N1524   TB-10Sc
Chromosome 10L    
ad*-N377B   TB-10Lb
bf*-N185A bf2-185A allelism
cl*-N1624 r1-1624 allelism
cl*-N1627 r1-1627 allelism
cl*-N1630 r1-1630 allelism
cl*-N1676 r1-1676 allelism
cl*-N1694 r1-1694 allelism
cp*-N1427A dek15 TB-10L19
hcf*-N1265A hcf28 TB-10La
l*-N1879   TB-10L20
l*-N1908   TB-10L20
l*-N195   TB-10L20
l*-N31   TB-10L20
l*-N392A   TB-10L20
l*-N59A l13-59A TB-10L20
msc*-N1330 w2-dek21 TB-10L20
o*-N1422   TB-10L20
orp*-N1186B orp2 link to R
rgh*-N799A   TB-10L19
v*-N114A   TB-10L20
v*-N354B   TB-10L20
v*-N418 v29 TB-10L20
v*-N470A   TB-10L20
w*-N24   TB-10L20
ws*-N1877   TB-10L20

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