Map location of anthocyanin3
--Dawn Robinett, Ed Coe, and Karen Cone

The anthocyanin3 (a3) gene is a recessive intensifier of pigmentation in vegetative tissues of the plant. Previous work by Styles and Coe (J. Heredity, 77:389-393, 1986) established that a3 maps on chromosome 3 near anthocyaninless1(a1). To determine the precise map location of a3, we undertook a molecular segregation analysis. An F2 population segregating for a3 was planted and scored for the intense plant pigmentation characteristic of a3. DNA prepared from 26 individual intensely pigmented plants was digested with restriction enzymes, blotted and hybridized with probes for a1 and the nearby distal marker, umc96. The following data were obtained:
#chromosomes tested
# crossovers
recombination frequency (%)

We conclude that a3 maps between a1 and umc96. These data effectively expand the interval between a1 and umc96 from the previously reported value (BNL map, May 1993) of 9 map units to approximately 13 map units. 

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