Location of mac1 on chromosome arm 10S
--William F. Sheridan and Inna N. Golubovskaya

We have isolated a new recessive mutation that appears to control the switch of the ovule hypodermal cells from the vegetative to the sporogenous developmental pathway. Whereas in normal ovules there is a single archesporial cell, in mutant ovules there are usually several archesporial cells that undergo a normal meiosis. Homozygous mutant plants are partially female fertile but are completely male sterile. This mutation had a laboratory designation of lar*-487 but we now designate it with the gene symbol multiple archesporial cells1 (mac1). Crosses of mac1/mac1 plants as female by pollen from TB-10Sc yielded progeny that segregated 26 fertile plants and 15 male sterile plants. This locus is therefore on chromosome arm 10S.
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