Holden Farms
North Carolina State University

Death of Karalee Holden, a maize genetics pioneer in winter nursery work in Florida
--Anne S. Erickson and Major M. Goodman

Karalee Holden was the field manager responsible for planting, pollinating, and harvesting much of the Florida winter nursery crop for university and USDA geneticists and plant breeders from 1954-1982, while working for the Ag Alumni Seed Improvement Association (affiliated with Purdue University). For many geneticists and plant breeders, Karalee was the person most responsible for the success of their Florida winter nurseries.

Karalee died on June 4, 1993, at age 61, after a second round with ovarian cancer. She is survived by her parents, sisters, and by her partner in Holden Farms (telephone 305-247-6876), Anne Erickson, who is carrying on the family avocado services business and the wholesale hibiscus nursery she and Karalee started after leaving Ag Alumni in 1983. 

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