Balanced lethal, epistasis, linkage
--Charles R. Burnham

In MNL 67:101, 1993, I reported the y1 + l10/y1 w15 + balanced lethal. The crossover stock Y1 + +/y1 w15 l10 segregates 3 green:1 albino with an occasional luteus seedling. The linkage is so close that at least 75 seeds must be grown to obtain one luteus seedling (l10 is at 6L-19, w15 at 6L-13). A better combination should be w15 at 6L-13 with l15 at 6L-30. The white seeds from the cross of Y1 +/y1 w15 x Y1 +/y1 l15 will be the balanced lethal combination. To establish the crossover, cross those plants with a y1 y1 stock. Most of the selfed ears will segregate either luteus or white seedlings. They can be offered to those teaching elementary genetics. The frequency of luteus seedlings from selfs of the Y1 + +/y1 w15 l15 crossover for this cross should be high enough to make a good demonstration.

The la1 -11- su1 -15- gl4 stock is good for a 3-point backcross linkage demonstration. Plant the Su and su seeds separately. When the plants are 6-8 inches high, turn the containers on their sides. Only the normal, La plants will bend up. 

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