--Carolyn M. Wetzel and Steven R. Rodermel, Department of Botany, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 50011-1020

Two new loci have been added to the plastid chromosome map in this year's report. In addition, a previously characterized ORF has been assigned a gene identity. Details of these additions are described in the table below.
See the 1987-1994 News Letters for descriptions of other sequenced genes: MNL 62:148; MNL 63:155; MNL 64:164; MNL 66:160; MNL 67:167; and MNL 68:209.

Maier, Rainer M., Neckermann, Kai, Hoch, Brigitte, Akhmedov, Norvus B., and Hans Kössel. 1992. Identification of editing positions in the ndhB transcript from maize chloroplasts reveals sequence similarities between editing sites of chloroplasts and plant mitochondria. Nucl. Acids Res. 20: 6189-6194.
Steinmüller, Klaus, Ley, Arthur C., Steinmetz, Andre A., Sayre, Richard T., and Lawrence Bogorad. 1989. Characterization of the ndhC-psbG-ORF157/159 operon of maize plastid DNA and of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6803. Mol. Gen. Genet. 216: 60-69.


Table of New Gene Assignments

Gene Product Gene Reference

NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase proteins:
NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase chain 2 ndhB Maier et al., 1992
(aka NADH-dehydrogenase subunit 2)
NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase chain I ndhI Steinmüller et al., 1989a
(aka NADH-dehydrogenase subunit I)

a locus was originally described in this reference as ORF159. The current GenBank entry for ORF159 (X17438) assigns ndhI as its identity. No specific publication related to this assignment is available, to the best of our knowledge.


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