The P-wr gene contains a unique 3' end encoding a putative zinc finger domain
--Chopra, S and Peterson, T

While looking for the reason for the unique cob-glume expression pattern of P-wr, we found that the transcribed and translated 3' end of the P-wr cDNA is comprised of a 210 bp insertion relative to P-rr (although without any notable features of a transposable element insertion). Southern blotting shows that this sequence is found only in P-wr genotypes. The unique P-wr sequence encodes a cysteine-rich carboxy-terminal domain similar to the zinc finger or metal binding domains of the type CX1CX7CX2C (C = Cysteine, X= any amino acid. Subscript shows number of residues). This motif also contains phenylalanine and leucine residues which are commonly found in zinc finger domains. To our knowledge P-wr is the first example of a gene encoding a protein with both a Myb DNA binding domain and a single zinc-finger domain. 

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