University of California

Macrohairless (mhl1), a new recessive mutation
--Lane, B and Freeling, M

A new phenotype was observed segregating in a population of plants which also segregated the dominant mutant Rld1-O/+; +/+. Subsequent generations revealed that the trait segregated as a single recessive genetic factor. The resulting phenotype of the homozygote is a failure to elaborate the normal complement of macrohairs on the adaxial surface of the leaf blade. When homozygous, the mutation also results in the failure to elaborate the abnormally expressed macrohairs on the abaxial surface of the leaf blade in Rld1-O/+ heterozygotes. No evidence of instability has been observed. A B-A translocation stock mapping population has been generated and will be screened next season. Further characterizations of the extent and nature of the phenotype are in progress.
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