The semaphore1 mutation maps to 9S
--Scanlon, M and Freeling, M

The semaphore1 (sem1) mutant (previously described as mutant designation dek*-Mu1364) is a recessive, small seeded, small embryo mutant with many pleiotropic effects on plant phenotype (Scanlon et al., Genetics 136:281, 1994). These phenotypes include brachytic stature, leaves that droop, and ectopic ligule and acropetal ligule displacement in the midrib region. The mutant was included in B-A translocation mapping projects in the summer 1993 and again in 1995. In crosses of plants heterozygous for the sem1 mutation by marked hyperploid males of the genotype TB-9Sd/c2, wx1, sh1, the progeny included kernels with small endosperm and large embryos, and plump kernels with small mutant embryos. The discordant kernel classes were planted and the small seeds with large embryos yielded nonmutant healthy plants whereas the large seeded small embryo kernels produced small, brachytic plants with the sem1 phenotype. The mutation was therefore placed on chromosome arm 9S, distal to wx1. Because there are no previously described mutants on 9S with the above mentioned phenotypes, we have designated this new gene semaphore1. 

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