The leaf blade reduction mutant nl*-1517 maps to 3S
--Scanlon, M and Freeling, M

In a 1993 screen of M2 progeny of EMS mutagenized material (see Harper et al., MNL 69:22) a new narrow leaf (nl) mutant allele, laboratory designation nl*-1517, was identified with a reduced blade phenotype. The blade reduction phenotype shows variable expression. Younger leaves are more affected than older leaves, and leaf blades are shorter and more narrow than in nonmutant siblings. Frequently the blade is entirely absent, although the ligule, auricle and sheath are not affected. Usually, plants with severe leaf phenotypes form no tassels, or develop only rudimentary male flowers. No adverse effects on ear development have been observed. The mutant was included in a B-A translocation mapping project in 1994. The mutant phenotype segregated in the F1 progeny of several crosses between nl*-1517 heterozygotes and males which were marked, hyperploid heterozygotes of the genotype TB-3Sb/cl1. Therefore, the new mutant nl*-1517 is placed on chromosome arm 3S, distal to cl1. 

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