University of Hamburg

Chalcone synthase antisense expression in transgenic maize leads to white pollen phenotype
--Muller, E; Ulrich, S and Wienand, U

Constructs containing the maize chalcone synthase cDNA (C2) in the antisense orientation were transformed into the maize line H99 via particle bombardment of 13 DAP embryos. Transgenic plants derived from independent transformation events were analyzed for their phenotype and chalcone synthase expression. The most noticeable phenotypic alteration was the complete loss of colored tissue in the transgenic plants, especially in the stem and anther tissues. The pollen of the primary transgenics was different in color from the wild type pollen and had the white color typical for the white pollen mutation (c2, whp). Analysis of the pollen indicates that no or only little amounts of flavonoids were produced. The outcrossed population could be easily screened using the colorless (green) phenotype of the seedlings as a selectable marker to identify progeny containing the antisense gene. These plants are currently under further investigation. 

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