Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Iowa State University

Mapping Simple Sequence Repeats in maize
--Senior, ML; Chin, E; Austin, D; Lee, M and Smith, S

To date, 127 Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) have been identified in maize. Sixty of the SSRs were identified through searches of the Genbank and EMBL databases. These were mapped to 42 distinct loci throughout the genome. Primer sequences for these SSRs are available through MaizeDB. An additional 59 SSRs have also been identified through various sequencing efforts in progress at Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Forty-two of these have mapped to 31 loci in maize. Primer sequences for the latter group will be made publicly available in the near future. The microsatellites were mapped using DNA of 192 recombinant inbreds of the cross B73 x Mo17, 185 recombinant inbreds of the cross Mo17 x H99 or 34 recombinant inbreds of the cross B73 x G35. The B73 x Mo17 population was used as the primary mapping population. Primer pairs that were not polymor-phic in B73 x Mo17 were mapped using the Mo17 x H99 population. A few primer pairs did not show polymorphism among B73, Mo17 or H99, but were still considered to be useful markers based on the results of inbred screening and were mapped using the B73 x G35 population. Linkage analyses were performed using MAPMAKER/EXP 3.0 (Lander et al., Genomics 1:174-181, 1987; Lincoln et al., Whitehead Inst. Tech. Rep., 3rd ed., 1992). The maps are shown on the accompanying pages (Map based on B73 x Mo17 recombinant inbreds, map based on Mo17 x H99 recombinant inbreds, map based on B73 x G35 recombinant inbreds). SSR loci are shown in bold and italics. 

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