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Figure legend:
The size of each master chromosome is shown in parenthesis. All the known genes are indicated on the outside of each master circle. The repeats are represented by open boxes inside the circles, and the size of each (in kb) is indicated by a number. The integrated forms of plasmids R1 and S2 in maps NA and NB are indicated by black boxes inside the circles, as well as the chloroplast (ct) DNA integrated sequences, the size of which are indicated in kb.

Genes encoded by the maize mtDNA

Ribosomal RNA genes
rrn18 (18S rRNA)Chao et al. (1984)
rrn26 (26S rRNA)Dale et al. (1984)
rrn5 (5S rRNA)Chao et al. (1983)

Transfer RNA genes
trnaC(ct) (GCA)Wintz et al. (1988)
trnaD (GUC)Parks et al. (1985)
trnaE (UUC)Sangaré et al. (1989)
trnaF(ct) (GAA)Sangaré et al. (1989)
trnaH(ct) (GUG)Iams et al. (1985)
trnaK (UUU)Sangaré et al. (1989)
trnafM (CAU)Parks et al. (1984)
trnaM1(CAU)Parks et al. (1984)
trnaM2(ct) (CAU)Sangaré et al. (1989)
trnaN(ct) (GUU)Sangaré et al. (1989)
trnaP (UGC)Runeberg-Roos et al. (1987)
trnaQ (UUG)Sangaré et al. (1990)
trnaS (GCU)Wintz et al. (1988)
trnaS (UGA)Sangaré et al. (1989)
trnaW(ct) (CCA)Maréchal et al. (1985)
trnaY (GUA)Sangaré et al. (1989)

Ribosomal protein genes
rpl2Nakazono and Hirai (1993)
rpl5Fauron (unpublished)
rpl16 Hunt and Newton (1991)
rps1Gonzales et al. (1993); Fauron (unpublished)
rps3Hunt and Newton (1991)
rps10Fauron (unpublished)
rps12 Gualberto et al. (1991)
rps13Bland et al. (1986)
rps19Nakazono and Hirai (1993)

Genes for respiration
atpA Isaac et al. (1985), Braun and Levings (1985)
atp6Dewey et al. (1985)
atp9 Dewey et al. (1985)
coxIIsaac et al. (1985)
coxIIFox and Leaver (1981)
coxIIIMcCarty et al. (1988)
cob Dawson et al. (1984, 1986)
nad1Wolstenholme et al. (1993)
nad2Patell et al. (1993)
nad3Gualberto et al. (1988, 1991)
nad4Lamattina and Grienenberger(1991); Marienfeld and Newton (1994)
nad5Pereira de Souza et al. (1991)
nad6Haouzine et al. (1993)
nad7Marienfeld and Newton (1994)
nad9Lamattina et al (1993)
ccl1 (cyt c biogeneseis)Gonzalez et al. (1993)
orf240 (heme transporter)Bonnard and Grienenberger (1995)

Genes with unknown function
urf156 Gualberto et al. (1991)
urf25Dewey et al. (1986)
urf13 (in cmsT only)Dewey et al. (1986)

Gene with similarity toRNA maturase in yeast
mat-rWahleithner et al (1990); Wolstenholme et al. (1993)

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