The Maize Probe Bank at the University of Missouri/ARS-USDA, Columbia, Missouri, curates, maintains and distributes DNA probes for maize. Over 4500 probes are maintained in secured storage. Sequences for approximately 2500 are available in GenBank and other sequence databases. Probes are distributed upon request free of charge, limited to 30 probes in a 6-week period. Exception is made for the 90-probe "Core Marker" set, which contains probes for spaced loci covering the entire nuclear genome. Probes are provided as stabs. Following are the collections available for distribution:
Clone Set Abbreviation No. Distributable
Asgrow asg 85
Brookhaven National Lab. bnl 109
California State University csu 1197
Iowa State University isu 136
Mycogen Plant Genetics agr 413
Pioneer Hi-Bred International php 161
Pioneer Hi-Bred International npi (#'s greater than 96) 236
University of Arizona uaz (5C, 6C, 7C) 1920
University of Missouri umc 238
University of Missouri-Tripsacum tda 20

Within these categories of clones we may not have or are not permitted to distribute all clones of that designation. We do not distribute npi clones with numbers less than 100, nor certain umc clones that were sent to us with restrictions. We distribute specific defined-function clones on a case-by-case basis. We do not have uaz clones in the 1C, 2C, and 3C series, and are unable to provide these at this time. To be certain that a particular clone is available note the "Available From" line on the probe form of the maize database -- clones available from the UMC RFLP Laboratory will show T. Musket, who is the clone distribution coordinator. Clicking on T. Musket will give address and e-mail information. The easiest method to request clones is to use the probe request form directly from the maize database WWW homepage:


Please be certain to enter information in each field on the request form to aid our processing of your request. If you are unable to use the World Wide Web, send your request to Theresa A. Musket (address, phone and email in this Newsletter; FAX is 573-884-7850). Please provide your name, full mailing address, and email address if available.

Over the last 2-3 years the number of clones for which we have responsibility has grown from a few hundred to greater than four thousand. Our resources, both personnel and financial, for maintenance and distribution of clones are very limited. For this reason we must limit requests to 30 probes in a 6-week period, and ask that you request only those clones necessary for your experiments. Because of concurrent research commitments we have difficulty answering clone requests as rapidly as we (and you) would like and would appreciate receiving requests for clones as far in advance of need as possible. Turnaround time is usually 2-4 weeks, depending upon the request load.

During 1995, 203 requests were received from 21 countries, for over 5400 clones, including 35 core sets.

Asgrow Seeds, Mycogen Plant Genetics and Pioneer Hi-Bred International have made generous donations of probes to the maize research community. The cooperation of individuals in making defined-function clones available is equally appreciated. We are grateful for partial support for the Probe Bank from the USDA-Agricultural Service, International Atomic Energy Agency, Asgrow Seed Co., Mycogen Plant Genetics, CIMMYT, and DeKalb Genetics Corp.

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