This is a summary of selected genetic research information reported in recent literature and in this News Letter. Numbers preceded by "r" refer to numbered references in the Recent Maize Publications section. New loci ('first report'); mapping; cloning; sequencing; and trait inheritance information that have been added this year to the Maize Genome Database (Maizedb) have been extracted here. The term 'genelist' refers to references with information central to the uniqueness and designation of the gene. Note that the Symbol Index in the back of this issue also accesses journal publications containing studies on gene expression, gene products, developmental control, physiological responses, techniques, etc. Comments or suggestions on these research aids are always welcome.

--assembled by an unrestricted, Prof. Ligate Committee (Ed Coe, Mary Polacco, Pat Byrne, and Georgia Davis)

1L3 G-band: umc58 hybridization in situ; also to 5L5 and 9L6 --MNL70:70
adh1 orthology, phylogenetic analysis --r553 r554 r907 r1000
Adh1-#2, Adh1-1F, Adh1-1S, Adh1-1S, Adh1-3F1124r53, Adh1-54S, Adh1-CO159, Adh1-IL14H, restriction map --r456 r999 r1000
amp1 -11.6- phi102 -1.2- umc128(aga) -2.2- phi002 -17- glb1(aka phi055) -8.8- umc107a --MNL70:50
an1 sequence:amplification primers; an1-891339::Mu2, clone isolation --r72
bz2, promoter --r896
d8, orthology --r907
Ds-1L3 at bz2 --r633
Ds-1L1 left of bz2 --r633
Ds-1S1, Ds-1S2, Ds-1S3 left of dek1 --r633
Ds-1S4 right of dek1 --r633
hm1, map location --r589
hmp1, first report; before TB-1Sb(1) --MNL70:14
ht4, first report; near T1-9c(1S.48) and T1-9(5622)(1L.10); probably on 1S --r137
isu152 - isu74 - bnl5.59 - isu116 - umc33a - npi236 - umc37a --r513 r684
knox1, genelist, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
knox3, sequence, evolution, knox3 -1.1- kn1 --r436
knox8, genelist, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
msv1, map location --r589
olc1, first report --r979
pds*-L39266, sequence; single site maps at vp5 --r327
pg15, orthology --r907
phi1, sequence, clone isolation --r492
psl6, bins 1.06-1.07 --r125
psl13, bin 1.12 --r125
psl18, sequence, bin 1.06 --r125 r888
psl24, bin 1.1 --r125
psl25, sequence, bin 1.04 --r125 r888
psl33, sequence, bin 1.12 --r125 r888
psl44, bin 1.11 --r125
SSRs: amp1 -11.6- phi102 -1.2- umc128(aga) -2.2- phi002 -17- glb1(aka phi055) -8.8- umc107a ; bnl8.29a -20.7- phi064 -3.8- bnl6.32; npi234 -14.3- p1(aka phi095) -12.8- isu61; npi236 -7.6- phi039 -1.4- umc37a; umc76 -15.6- npi268 -2.6- ts2(aka phi001); tub1(aka phi056) -9.9- bnl5.62a -19.5- umc157(chn); umc76(gne) -15.6- npi286 -2.6- ts2(aka phi001) -4.6- umc26a --MNL70:50
tb1: T1-3(5267)(1) - tb1 - T1-3(5242)(1) --MNL70:3
tb1, map data --r214
ts2: umc76 -15.6- npi268 -2.6- ts2(aka phi001) --MNL70:50
tub1(aka phi056) -9.9- bnl5.62a -19.5- umc157(chn) --MNL70:50
uaz151(sar), uaz205b(hsp18), uaz208(mta), uaz228d(his2b), uaz282(pop) located to 1L --r803
uaz248a(his3) located to 1S --r803
uaz249a(ubf9), uaz272(zp19) near 1 centromere --r803
umc89b, umc106a, map location --r714

abph1, genelist: umc6 - b1 -8- (abph1, umc34) -13- umc131 --MNL70:2
agp2, sequence --r293
akh2, map location --r613
ask2, map note --r612
B1-Peru, restriction map --r679
betl1 map note, sequence;Betl1-Z49203 sequence --r377
ck2::umc36b -9.6- ck2; umc36b -4.9- ck2, map note --MNL70:62
csu6a(sam), map location --r505
dks8 near 2S-36 in BNL RIs; near npi290b, map note --MNL70:20
Ds-2S1 before b1 --r633
Ds-2S2, variegation for B1-b, possibly an unstable chromosome --r633
Ds-2S3, Ds-2S4 at B1-Peru --r633
fht1, sequence, first report, fht1 -11.5- php20568b -10.7- umc53a --r199
gl14 right of TB-2Sb, left of TB-1Sb-2L4464, linkage with T2-9b wx1, map note --r781
gl2 -0- ias6; gl2 -7.8- umc6, map data --r781
ht1, map location --r589
knox4, genelist, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
npi271a, map location --r714
ole1 near umc134b, bin 2.04-2.05, map note --r510 r511
psl1, bin 2.07 --r125
psl11, sequence, bin 2.04-2.06 --r125 r888
psl31, bin 2.05-2.06 --r125
psl32, sequence, bin 2.07 --r125 r888
rf3: whp1 -8.9- rf3 -8.9- bnl17.14; umc49a -4.8- rf3 -2.7- OPE08-1.2kb -10- umc36a --MNL70:24 70:69
se1: umc49a -27- php20581b -13.4- umc36a -12.1- se1 in 205 F2:F3, fully classified, map data --r860
SSRs: umc131(pext) -8- nc003 -9.1- umc36b; umc34 -6.3- prp2(aka phi083) -6.4- phi10012; umc53a(gag) -2.2- phi098 -0.6- npi254a -11.6- bnl7.49c(hmd); umc98a -16.3- phi127 -31- umc4a --MNL70:50
tpi2, map location --r714
uaz124a(rpL7) located on 2, map note --r803
uaz191(rap), uaz194a(ugu), uaz194b(ugu), uaz228a(his2b), uaz232(sci), uaz235(px), uaz269b(kri), located to 2L, map note --r803
uaz236b(ser) located to 2S, map note --r803
uaz265a(sbe) near 2 centromere, map note --r803
umc137a, map location --r714
umc32c(cgn), map location --r505
umc44b, map location --r714

a1, promoter --r896
apomixis (APO) segment of Tripsacum dactyloides left of csu32, csu56b(ohp), csu134c, csu58 on 3L, and right of loci on 6L (see), map note --r774
atp1, orthology --r907
bet1 tightly linked to bnl13.05b, map note --r986
bnl8.35a, map location --r714
Ds-3L1, Ds-3L2 left of a1 --r633
e8, orthology --r907
got1, map location --r714
gst4: umc29d -2.6- tpi4(aka phi029) -12.9- umc175 -7.8- [umc18a & gst4(aka phi073)] -4.6- umc26a --MNL70:50
hox3, evolution --r436
lg3, sequence, evolution --r436
me1, map location --r714
mv1, map location --r589
nl*-1517 before TB-3Sb(3), map note --MNL70:15
OPN20-675, map location --MNL70:24
pgd2, orthology --r907
psl4, sequence, bin 3.05 --r125 r888
psl5, sequence, bins 3.01-3.03 --r125 r888
psl10, sequence, bin 3.04 --r125 r888
psl16, sequence, bin 3.06 --r125 r888
psl28, sequence, bin 3.05 --r125 r888
psl47, sequence, bin 3.02-3.04 --r125 r888
rf*-nf81-67-9, association with T3-9c and T3-9(8447), map note --MNL70:65
rp3, orthology --r907
rp3: lg3 -3- (rg1, rp3); (npi114b, umc10a, umc161b) -2- (rp3, php20802) -2- umc102; umc92a -6- npi219 -2- (umc10a, php20509, php20576, lg3) -2- npi114b -2- (rp3, rg1) -1- umc102 -1- (umc18a, bnl6.06a, php20508) -2- umc26a -8- bnl5.37a --r589 r769
SSRs: umc29d -2.6- tpi4(aka phi029) -12.9- umc175 -7.8- [umc18a & gst4(aka phi073)] -4.6- umc26a; phi036 -14.1- umc10a -2.3- phi053 -1.6- umc102 --MNL70:50
te1: umc18 -15- te1, QTL -6.3- bnl8.01 -11.2- umc60 --r214
Te1-Zpa, evolution --r214
tru1 on 3L, map note --r214
uaz161e(elf), uaz198a(rpL10), uaz218b(gss), uaz243a(atp) located to 3L, map note --r803
uaz189(rpL5), uaz249b(ubf9) near 3 centromere, map note --r803
uaz210(hsp18) located to 3S, map note --r803
umc50: sucrose content QTL near umc50, OPN20-675 in W6786/IL731a F2:3, map note --r860 MNL70:24
vp1, clone isolation --r950
wsm2, map location --r589

adh2:umc31a -4.9- adh2(aka nc004) -5.1- bnl5.46 --MNL70:50
akh1, map location --r613
bm3 sequence, bnl5.46 -21.4- bm3 -8.3- umc47; bnl5.46 -8.5- bm3 -2.1- bnl15.45 in two Pioneer maps, map note --r928
bx1, map location --r589
c2, promoter --r896
cat3: umc169 -3.1- cat3(aka phi006) -1- ncr(b70b); isu77 -17.8- umc111a -23.5- cat3(aka phi076) --MNL70:50
cyp2, cyp3, cyp4, cyp5, sequence cyp3 -0.1- cyp2 -1.1- cyp4 -4.1- cyp5 --r273
Ds-4S1, variegation for bt2
Ds-4L3 at C2 --r633
Ds-4L1, Ds-4L4, Ds-4L5, Ds-4L6, Ds-4L7 right of c2 --r633
dzr1, restriction map; contained by z1c(zp22); rz329 -6.6- dzr1 -1.1- php20725, map note --r155
gl4, orthology --r907
gpc1: umc49d -4.9- zp19/22(pms2)(aka phi096) -2.5- gpc1(aka nc005) -24.9- umc66a -29.2- ssu1(aka phi093) --MNL70:50
knox7, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
la1: sos1 -21.3- la1 -7.9- su1, map data --r215
ms*-LI89: umc158 - ms*-LI89 - umc15a, map note --MNL70:30
mtl1(aka phi072) -6.2- umc123 -11.3- php20071 -23.4- bnl5.46 -11.4- zp22.1(aka phi074) -11.1- bnl15.45 --MNL70:50
ncr(b70b): umc169 -3.1- cat3(aka phi006) -1- ncr(b70b) --MNL70:50
nk1(ck): bnl5.46 -4.5- nk1(ck), map note --MNL70:62
psl26, bin 4.11 --r125
psl35, sequence, bin 4.03-4.04 --r125 r888
psl45, bin 4.03-4.05 --r125
psl75, bin 4.09-4.1 --r125
rp4, map location --r589
sos1, origin; sos1 -21.3- la1 -7.9- su1; php20075 -4.4- sos1 -9.6- bnl5.46, php20725a -2.6- sos1 -3.7- bnl5.46, map data --r215
SSRs: umc31a -4.9- adh2(aka nc004) -5.1- bnl5.46; mtl1(aka phi072) -6.2- umc123 -11.3- php20071 -23.4- bnl5.46 -11.4- zp22.1(aka phi074) -11.1- bnl15.45; umc169 -3.1- cat3(aka phi006) -1- ncr(b70b); isu77 -17.8- umc111a -23.5- cat3(aka phi076); umc49d -4.9- zp19/22(pms2)(aka phi096) -2.5- gpc1(aka nc005) -24.9- umc66a -29.2- ssu1(aka phi093) --MNL70:50
su1, sequence --r389
uaz44a(zp19), uaz130b(tlk), uaz145(ahh), uaz157(rpL19), uaz161d(elf), uaz171, uaz222, uaz228c(his2b), uaz247(ubi), uaz252a(ptk), located to 4L, map note --r803
uaz44b(zp19), uaz149(zp19), uaz184(hfi), uaz185(zp22), uaz280a(ppp) located to 4S, map note --r803
uaz195(ms), uaz218a(gss), uaz246(vsp) located near 4 centromere, map note --r803
uwo3, map note --r525
uwo8, map note --r525
zp19/22cluster2, restriction map --r548

5L5 G-band, umc58 hybridization in situ; also to 1L3 (mapped site) and 9L6, map note --MNL70:70
a2, promoter --r896
cat1, promoter --r968
Ds-5S1, Ds-5S2 right of a2 --r633
Ds-5L1 left of bt1 --r633
gl25 left of TB-5Sc, map note --r781
gl8, orthology --r907
gl8 -0- ias3, map data --r781
gln4, map location --MNL70:50
gln4: umc126a -8.4- phi101 -13.8- (umc108, phi048) -2.6- gln4(aka phi085) -38.7- php10017 --MNL70:50
got2, orthology --r907
incw1, sequence --r798
knox10, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
knox6, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
ms13, orthology --r907
ms5, orthology --r907
ncr(b70a), map location --MNL70:50
ohp2 (aka nc007) -14.3- umc147a -19- umc107b --MNL70:50
ole2: bnl6.25 -36.1- ole2(aka phi113) -20.2- php20872 --MNL70:50
ole3 near npi213, bin 5.03-5.04, map note --r511
pgm2 -9.9- rab15(aka phi008) -12.8- bnl7.56 --MNL70:50
psl7, bin 5.03 --r125
psl8, sequence, bin 5.04-5.05 --r125 r888
psl20, bin 5.03 --r125
psl21, sequence, bin 5.05 --r125 r888
psl39, sequence, bin 5.04-5.05 --r125 r888
psl43, bin 5.03 --r125
rab15: pgm2 -9.9- rab15(aka phi008) -12.8- bnl7.56 --MNL70:50
ren1: bnl5.40 -2- phi107 -2.3- umc51a -2.3- phi087 -12.5- ren1(aka isu10) -12.7- umc68 -2.6- phi128 --MNL70:50
sh4, orthology --r907
SSRs: umc126a -8.4- phi101 -13.8- (umc108, phi048) -2.6- gln4(aka phi085) -38.7- php10017; ohp2 (aka nc007) -14.3- umc147a -19- umc107b; bnl6.25 -36.1- ole2(aka phi113) -20.2- php20872; pgm2 -9.9- rab15(aka phi008) -12.8- bnl7.56; bnl5.40 -2- phi107 -2.3- umc51a -2.3- phi087 -12.5- ren1(aka isu10) -12.7- umc68 -2.6- phi128 --MNL70:50
uaz130c(tlk), uaz201(tua), uaz205a(hsp18), uaz215b(odo), uaz219(hsp), uaz226(cat1), located to 5S, map note --r803
uaz132a(dts), uaz186, uaz215a(odo), uaz238(ppi), uaz248b(his3) located to 5L, map note --r803
uaz158(alt), uaz159 located on 5, map note --r803
uaz190(gpc) located near 5 centromere, map note --r803
umc39c, map location --r714
xet1, sequence --r757

6L1 G-band, umc65 hybridization in situ (map site umc65a), map note --MNL70:70
agp1: umc62 -4.4- phi123 -12.1- agp1 --MNL70:50
apomixis (APO) segment of Tripsacum dactyloides right of umc71a, umc28, csu68a (on 6L), left of markers on 3L (see), map note --r503 r774
bnl5.47a - php10016 - npi280 - umc62, map --r513 r684
dzs23, sequence --r855
fdx1 (aka phi075) -1.2- phi106 -20.8- npi235a -7.7- phi077 -47.9- pl1 --MNL70:50
hex2, map location --r714
hox2, evolution --r436
l10: T6-9e(6) - l10 - T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
l12: T6-9e(6) - l12 - T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
l12: T4-6(8428)(6) - l12 - T4-6(6623)(6), map note --r121
l12: T6-9(6019)(6) - l12 - T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
l15: distal to T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
ln1, oil QTL tightly linked to umc65a, ln1, map note --r17
maltose content QTL near umc59a in W6786/IL731a F2:3, map note --r860 MNL70:24
mdh2, map location --r714
mdm1: umc85 -1.9- po1 -.03- csu70(gfu) -0.2- (mdm1, nor) -0.7- bnl6.29a -0.1- npi235 -3.2- y1; jc1270 -2.5- npi245 -1.6- (umc85, po1) -0.5- (mdm1, nor) -0.5- bnl6.29a -0.5- npi235 -0.8- npi101 -4.3- umc59a --r813
ms1: T6-9e(6) - ms1 - T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
pdk1, evolution, structure --r579
pdk1: uaz127a(pdk) located to 6L; umc85 -6.8- phi077 -14.7- phi126 -58- umc65a -4.8- pl1(aka nc009; nc010) -2- phi124 -5.9- umc21 -1.6- phi129 -15- pdk1(aka nc012) -7.5- bnl5.47a -- r803 MNL70:50
pgd1, map location --r714
po1: umc85 -1.9- po1 -.03- csu70(gfu) -0.2- (mdm1, nor) -0.7- bnl6.29a -0.1- npi235 -3.2- y1; jc1270 -2.5- npi245 -1.6- (umc85, po1) -0.5- (mdm1, nor) -0.5- bnl6.29a -0.5- npi235 -0.8- npi101 -4.3- umc59a, map data --r813
psl15, bins 6.02-6.03 --r125
psl29, sequence, bins 6.04-6.05 --r125 r888
rf*-nf79-21-27, association with T6-9(4505) and T6-9(4778), map note --MNL70:65
rhm1, rhm2: rhm1 -9.1- rhm2; npi245, umc85, rhm1 before TB-6Sa; bnl6.29a, umc85 after TB-6Sa, map data --r813
si1: T6-9e(6) - si1 - T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
SSRs: umc62 -4.4- phi123 -12.1- agp1; fdx1 (aka phi075) -1.2- phi106 -20.8- npi235a -7.7- phi077 -47.9- pl1; umc85 -6.8- phi077 -14.7- phi126 -58- umc65a -4.8- pl1(aka nc009; nc010) -2- phi124 -5.9- umc21 -1.6- phi129 -15- pdk1(aka nc012) -7.5- bnl5.47a; umc132a -3.6- tlk1(aka phi070) -23.7- umc62 --MNL70:50
tlk1, sequence --r951
tlk1: umc132a -3.6- tlk1(aka phi070) -23.7- umc62 --MNL70:50
uaz161a(elf), uaz220(elf), uaz243b(atp), uaz244a(prh), uaz265b(sbe), uaz269d(kri) located to 6L, map note --r803
uaz197a(cdpk), uaz227(end), uaz233b(act), uaz237b(prc), located near 6 centromere, map note --r803
uaz197b(cdpk), uaz233d(act), located to 6, map note --r803
uaz80(iron), uaz206(uce), uaz269c(kri), located to 6S, map note --r803
UBC281-900, UBC425-700, map --MNL70:24
w15: cent6 - w15 - T6-9e(6), map note --r121
wsm1, map location --r589
y1: T6-9e(6) - y1 - T6-9(043-1)(6), map note --r121
y1: T4-6(8428)(6) - y1 - T4-6(6623)(6), map note --r121
y1 right of T4-6(055-8)(6) and T6-9(6019)(6), map note --r121

bnl8.44a -3.1- umc35 -1.4- uaz230c(aka phi082) --MNL70:50
cyp6: php20581a(ext) -15.1- o2(aka phi057) -9.6- cyp6(aka phi034) -6.3- umc5b --MNL70:50
Ds-7L2 probably left of o5 --r633
gl1 -12- umc116a, map data --r781
gzr1 near umc35 by bulk segregant analysis, map note --r190 r537
o15 near umc35 by bulk segregant analysis, map note --r190
o2 (aka phi057) -10- bnl15.40 -10.2- umc98b --MNL70:50
o2, sequence, microsatellite, evolution --r337
oec17*-Z26824: php15037 -18.4- oec17*(aka phi114) -5.9- php20746 -21.9- umc56 --MNL70:50
phi069 -19.4- phi043 -2.9- umc168 -2.3- (umc35 phi051) --MNL70:50
psl23, sequence, bin 7.03 --r125 r888
psl27, bin 7.03-7.04 --r125
rip2, sequence: bnl8.32 - rip2 - bnl7.61, map note --r60
rs1, sequence, evolution, map location --r436 r782
SSRs: bnl8.44a -3.1- umc35 -1.4- uaz230c(aka phi082); php20581a(ext) -15.1- o2(aka phi057) -9.6- cyp6(aka phi034) -6.3- umc5b; o2 (aka phi057) -10- bnl15.40 -10.2- umc98b; php15037 -18.4- oec17*(aka phi114) -5.9- php20746 -21.9- umc56; phi069 -19.4- phi043 -2.9- umc168 -2.3- (umc35 phi051) --MNL70:50
uaz119b(rpS6), uaz221(his2a), uaz224(eif2), uaz225(lox), uaz233c(act), uaz245(gbp), uaz91(ndk) located to 7L, map note --r803

8L7 G-band, umc65 hybridization in situ (map site umc65d), map note --MNL70:70
act1: bnl13.05a -18.9- php10040 -25.5- act1(aka phi115) -7.5- bnl9.08 --MNL70:50
bnl5.62c, map location --r751
bnl9.11(lts), map location --r714
caat1, genelist --r803
gpa1, promoter --r222
gst1: umc7 -14.6- gst1(aka phi015) -3.9- npi107 --r751 MNL70:50
gstIIB, map location --r751
hox4, first report --r454
ht2, map location --r589
htn1, map location --r589
knox11, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
knox5, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
psl19, sequence, bin 8.04-8.05 --r125 r888
psl38, bin 8.02 --r125
psl42, bin 8.01 --r125
rf*-nf79-23-27 association with T8-9d and T8-9(043-6), map note --MNL70:65
rf4, orthology --r907
rip1: bnl9.08 -4.6- rip1(aka phi014) -24.2- umc48; umc92b -0.6- phi119 -11.4- umc124 -4.1- umc120a -1.8- phi125 -12- phi121 -0.9- rip1(aka phi060 & phi014) -14.3- umc89a --MNL70:50
SSRs: bnl13.05a -18.9- php10040 -25.5- act1(aka phi115) -7.5- bnl9.08; umc7 -14.6- gst1(aka phi015) -3.9- npi107; bnl9.08 -4.6- rip1(aka phi014) -24.2- umc48; umc92b -0.6- phi119 -11.4- umc124 -4.1- umc120a -1.8- phi125 -12- phi121 -0.9- rip1(aka phi060 & phi014) -14.3- umc89a --MNL70:50
uaz119a(rpS6), uaz127b(pdk), uaz249d(ubf9), uaz252b(ptk) located to 8L, map note --r803
uaz193(rip), uaz233a(act), uaz244b(prh), uaz249c(ubf9), uaz269a(kri) located near 8 centromere, map note --r803
uaz93a(tpi),uaz243c(atp) located to 8S, map note --r803

9L6 G-band, umc58 hybridization in situ; also to 1L3 (mapped site) and 5L5, map note --MNL70:70
acp1, map location --r714
bnl10.13b, map location --r714
bz1, promoter --r896
bz1, orthology --r907
c1, orthology --r907
c1, regulatory site --r918
c1 -6- phi122 -1.9- sh1(aka phi044) -3.8- isu136b -0.4- bz1(aka phi017) -19.6- isu124 -6.8- bnl3.06 -0.3- wx1(aka phi061) -6.2- pep1(aka phi065) -1.5- umc153 -15.6- sus1(aka phi032) -2.9- isu98a --MNL70:50
d3, map note --r889
d3, sequence --r973
Ds-9S1 probably right of c1 --r633
hm2, map location --r589
hsk1: wx1 -2- d3 -0.5- hsk1(aka uaz144) -1- uaz166c, using d3 clone and CM37 x T232 RIs, map --r973
knox2, sequence, evolution, map location --r436
koln2b(hox), genelist --r454
ms2, orthology --r907
ms45, clone isolation; located to chr 9, map note --r13
npi209a -2.1- bnl14.28a -14- phi108 --MNL70:50
npi404c, map location --r714
pep1: umc113a -3.7- sh1(aka phi044) -5- bz1(aka phi017) -20.5- umc105a -12.5- wx1(aka phi061) -4.7- pep1(aka phi065) -1- umc81 -14.8- sus1(aka phi016) -5.4- umc95; c1 -6- phi122 -1.9- sh1(aka phi044) -3.8- isu136b -0.4- bz1(aka phi017) -19.6- isu124 -6.8- bnl3.06 -0.3- wx1(aka phi061) -6.2- pep1(aka phi065) -1.5- umc153 -15.6- sus1(aka phi032) -2.9- isu98a --MNL70:50
phi108: npi209a -2.1- bnl14.28a -14- phi108 --MNL70:50
php10005 - isu136 - bnl3.06 - isu88 - umc114 - isu110, map --r513 r684
psl3, bin 9.02 --r125
psl22, sequence, bin 9.04 --r125 r888
psl46, bin 9.07 --r125
rld1 -0- csu54b, map note --MNL70:14
sem1 (was dek*-Mu1364) is before TB-9Sd(9); re-tests contradict prior indication of 9L, map note --MNL70:14
SSRs: c1 -6- phi122 -1.9- sh1(aka phi044) -3.8- isu136b -0.4- bz1(aka phi017) -19.6- isu124 -6.8- bnl3.06 -0.3- wx1(aka phi061) -6.2- pep1(aka phi065) -1.5- umc153 -15.6- sus1(aka phi032) -2.9- isu98a; npi209a -2.1- bnl14.28a -14- phi108; umc113a -3.7- sh1(aka phi044) -5- bz1(aka phi017) -20.5- umc105a -12.5- wx1(aka phi061) -4.7- pep1(aka phi065) -1- umc81 -14.8- sus1(aka phi016) -5.4- umc95 --MNL70:50
sus1, sequence, orthology --r801
uaz119c(rpS6), uaz152(sdh), uaz231(zag), uaz236a(ser), uaz280b(ppp) located to 9L, map note --r803
uaz161b(elf), uaz237a(ser) located to 9S, map note --r803
uaz223(vpp) located near 9 centromere, map note --r803
v28, orthology --r907
wx1, orthology --r907

csu148a(clx), map location --r505
Ds-10L2 left of r1 --r633
Ds-10L4 left of r1 --r633
gdcp1 -7- npi285; gdcp1 -18- bnl3.04 (in CM37 x T232); gdcp1 is included in the terminal def(bnl3.04-Rp5-Rp1-M), which is distal to npi371c (=npi422), map note --MNL70:15
gl21, orthology --r907
glu1, map location --r714
glu1: (phi041 phi117) -25.8- npi285(cac) -1.5- phi063 -12.4- phi059 -1.2- pZmISU167 -9.8- umc130(ntc) -6- phi054 -2.3- glu1 -4.8- phi050 -1.7- umc64 -2.6- hsp90*(aka phi071) -0.8- mgs1(aka phi062) -19- umc44a -2- phi035 -30.7- npi245b --MNL70:50
gstIIA, map location --r751
mini-1 chromosome includes oy1, map note --MNL70:16
nac1: uaz250(nac) located to 10L, map note --r803
nac1: umc64 -0.9- nac1(aka phi084) -1.5- npi303 --MNL70:50
P, q, S, S1, S2, sigma, sequence; r1, structure, evolution --r938
psl9, bin 10.03 --r125
psl48, bin 10.07 --r125
rlc1, map note --r508
rp1, orthology --r907
SSRs: (phi041 phi117) -25.8- npi285(cac) -1.5- phi063 -12.4- phi059 -1.2- pZmISU167 -9.8- umc130(ntc) -6- phi054 -2.3- glu1 -4.8- phi050 -1.7- umc64 -2.6- hsp90*(aka phi071) -0.8- mgs1(aka phi062) -19- umc44a -2- phi035 -30.7- npi245b; umc64 -0.9- nac1(aka phi084) -1.5- npi303 --MNL70:50
uaz100(prl) located to 10S, map note --r803
uaz124b(rpL7) located on chr 10, map note --r803
uaz99(fab1),uaz228b(his2b) near 10 centromere, map note --r803
uaz242(clp), located to 10L, map note --r803
vp13 on 10L, map note --r581
wsm3, map location --r589

Ac evolution, orthology --r378 r553 r554
acc*-U19183, sequence --r233
adf1, first report, sequence --r752
aec1, aec5, first report --r43
apx2, sequence, first report --r906
arf1, sequence, first report --r927
barnase, barstar, genelist --r909
ben2, first report --r103
bre1, sequence --r262
cal*-X77396, first report, sequence --r110
Cin4, genelist --MNL70:59
colonist1, colonist2, first report --MNL70:59
cys*-X85803, sequence, first report --r104
doppia, genelist, sequence --r938
Ds, structure, origin --r292 MNL70:54-55
fer1, fer2, restriction maps --r265
gbf1, sequence, first report --r197
gbp*-D31905, sequence --r415 r416
gbp*-D31906, sequence --r415 r416
gdh*-D49475, sequence --r761
geb1, genelist --r981
gl26, first report --r781
grf1, sequence, first report --r196
gst2, genelist, sequence --r367 r394
hmg1, evolution --r308
Hopscotch, sequence, first report --r954
hsz1, first report --r163
ivr1, sequence, first report --r983
les*-D101, first report --r398
LINE, genelist --MNL70:59
mhl1, first report --MNL70:14
ms25, ms26, first report --r541
ms27, genelist --MNL70:30-31
mtl*-X85184, sequence --r160
mtl2, sequence, first report --r950
MuDR, promoter, sequence --r68 r347
pcna1, first report, sequence --r539
pex1, clone isolation --r753
pld1, sequence, first report --r899
pmg1, evolution --r303
ppi1, sequence --r564
psei2, sequence, first report --r1
px10, px12, genelist --r444
rpl16, first report --r67
rpl3, genelist --r67
rps6, genelist --r67
rtcs1, first report --MNL70:23
sed1, sed2, first report --r824
see1, see2, see3, see4, first report --r824
Sleepy, sequence, first report --r973
snr14, sequence, first report --r501
Spm, structure --r688
tha3, first report --r54
thp*-D45402, thp*-D45403, sequence --r221
thp*-Mp708, sequence --r396
thp*-X82185, sequence --r160
trm1, sequence, first report --r890
trp1, sequence, first report --r472
tubg1, sequence, first report --r538
zem1, sequence, first report --r606
Zeon1, genelist, restriction map --r373
zlp1, first report --r563
ZLRS, clone isolation --r14

coxII(mtNA), promoter --r636
mat-r(mtNA), sequence --r878
nad1-D(mtNB), sequence --r878
OPAC-02(1053)(mt), first report --MNL70:12
OPAC-02(680)(mt), first report --MNL70:12
OPAN-05(370)(mt), first report --MNL70:12
OPAN-05(680)(mt), first report --MNL70:12
OPG-19(290)(mt), first report --MNL70:12
OPT-09(800)(mt), first report --MNL70:12
OPT-12(1230)(mt), first report --MNL70:12

28 kb inversion, sequence --r561
70S rRNA operon-I, sequence --r561
70S rRNA operon-II, sequence --r561
atpA, sequence --r561
atpB, sequence --r561
atpB-rbcL spacer, sequence --r561
atpBE, sequence --r561
atpE, sequence --r561
atpF, sequence --r561
atpH, sequence --r561
atpI, sequence --r561
cemA, sequence --r561
clpP, sequence --r561
infA, sequence --r561
Inverted Repeat I, sequence --r561
Inverted Repeat II, sequence --r561
L20 operon, sequence --r561
L23-I operon, sequence --r561
L23-II operon, sequence --r561
L33 operon, sequence --r561
ndhA, sequence --r561
ndhB-I, sequence --r561
ndhB-II, sequence --r561
ndhC, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
ndhCndhKndhI operon, sequence --r561
ndhD, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
ndhE, sequence --r561
ndhF, sequence --r561
ndhH, sequence --r561
ndhI, sequence --r561
ndhK, sequence --r561
ORF123, sequence --r561
ORF133, sequence --r561
ORF137, sequence --r561
ORF139, sequence --r561
ORF159, sequence --r561
ORF170, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
ORF173, sequence --r561
ORF185, sequence --r561
ORF23, sequence --r561
ORF241, sequence --r561
ORF29, sequence --r561
ORF31petEORF42, sequence --r561
ORF321, sequence --r561
ORF34, sequence --r561
ORF38, sequence --r561
ORF40, sequence --r561
ORF42, sequence --r561
ORF46, sequence --r561
ORF49, sequence --r561
ORF58, sequence --r561
ORF62, sequence --r561
ORF63, sequence --r561
ORF69, sequence --r561
ORF75, sequence --r561
ORF99, sequence --r561
petA, sequence --r561
petB, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
petD, sequence --r561
petG, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
petL, sequence --r561
psaA, sequence --r561
psaB, sequence --r561
psaC, sequence --r561
psaCndhD operon, sequence --r561
psaI, sequence --r561
psbA, sequence --r561
psbB, sequence --r561
psbBpsbFpetBpetD operon, sequence --r561
psbC, sequence --r561
psbD, sequence --r561
psbDpsbC operon, sequence --r561
psbE, sequence --r561
psbEpsbFpsbLORF40 operon, sequence --r561
psbF, sequence --r561
psbH, sequence --r561
psbJ, sequence --r561
psbK, sequence --r561
psbL, sequence --r561
psbM, sequence --r561
psbN, sequence --r561
psbR, sequence --r561
psbT, sequence --r561
r16-I, sequence --r561
r16-II, sequence --r561
r16-r23 spacer-I, sequence --r561
r16-r23 spacer-II, sequence --r561
r23-I, sequence --r561
r23-II, sequence --r561
r4.5-I, sequence --r561
r4.5-II, sequence --r561
r5-I, sequence --r561
r5-II, sequence --r561
rbcL, evolution, promoter, sequence --r509 r561
rpl14, sequence --r561
rpl16 exon 1, sequence --r561
rpl16 exon 2, sequence --r561
rpl16 intron, sequence --r561
rpl16, sequence --r561
rpl2-I, sequence --r561
rpl2-II, sequence --r561
rpl20, sequence --r561
rpl22, sequence --r561
rpl23 pseudogene, sequence --r561
rpl23-I, sequence --r561
rpl23-II, sequence --r561
rpl32, sequence --r561
rpl33, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
rpl36, sequence --r561
rpoA, sequence --r561
rpoB, sequence --r561
rpoBC operon, sequence --r561
rpoC1, sequence --r561
rpoC2, sequence --r561
rps11, sequence --r561
rps12 exon 1, sequence --r561
rps12, sequence --r561
rps12-I exon 2, sequence --r561
rps12-I exon 3, sequence --r561
rps12-I, sequence --r561
rps12-II exon 2, sequence --r561
rps12-II exon 3, sequence --r561
rps12-II, sequence --r561
rps14, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
rps15-I, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
rps15-II, sequence --r561
rps16, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
rps18, sequence --r561
rps19-I, evolution, sequence --r561 r946
rps19-II, evolution, sequence --r561 r946
rps2, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
rps3, sequence --r561
rps4, sequence --r561
rps7-I, sequence --r561
rps7-II, sequence --r561
rps8, sequence --r561
S12-I operon, sequence --r561
S12-II operon, sequence --r561
S14 operon, sequence --r561
S2 operon, sequence --r561
trnA(UGC)-I, sequence --r561
trnA(UGC)-II, sequence --r561
trnC(GCA), sequence --r561
trnD, sequence --r561
trnE, sequence --r561
trnF(GAA), sequence --r561
trnfM pseudogene, sequence --r561
trnfM(CAU), sequence --r561
trnG(GCC) pseudogene, sequence --r561
trnG(GCC), sequence --r561
trnG(UCC) pseudogene, sequence --r561
trnG(UCC), sequence --r561
trnH(GUG)-I, sequence --r561
trnH(GUG)-II, sequence --r561
trnI(CAU)-I, sequence --r561
trnI(CAU)-II, sequence --r561
trnI(GAU)-I, sequence --r561
trnI(GAU)-II, sequence --r561
trnK, sequence --r561
trnL(CAA)-I, sequence --r561
trnL(CAA)-II, sequence --r561
trnL(UAA), sequence --r561
trnM(CAU), sequence --r561
trnN(GUU)-I, orthology, sequence --r561 r611
trnN(GUU)-II, sequence --r561
trnP(UGG), sequence --r561
trnQ, sequence --r561
trnR(ACG)-I, sequence --r561
trnR(ACG)-II, sequence --r561
trnR(UCU), sequence --r561
trnS(GCU), sequence --r561
trnS(GGA), sequence --r561
trnS(UGA), sequence --r561
trnT(UGU), sequence --r561
trnT, sequence --r561
trnV(GAC)-I, sequence --r561
trnV(GAC)-II, sequence --r561
trnV(GAC)-r16 spacer-I, sequence --r561
trnV(GAC)-r16 spacer-II, sequence --r561
trnV(UAC), sequence --r561
trnW(CCA), sequence --r561
trnY, sequence --r561
ycf3, sequence --r561

2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, 2-acetyl-tetrahydropyridine, 2-propionyl-1-pyrroline, methods --r778
3rd leaf height, length, width, qtl --r141
ABA metabolism --r66 r291 r581
abscisic acid content, evaluation(s) --r172 r496 r681
acetylpyrazine, methods --r778
acid detergent fiber, combining ability --r28 r572
acid soil tolerant, physiology --r531
ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase activity, level --r141 r142 r598
AEC, selection --r43
aflatoxin content --r117 r132 r317 r747 r956
amylopectin, amylose, structure --r630
anther culture response, genetic control --r63 r345 r388 r621
anthesis-silking interval, abscisic acid levels --r129 r172
anthocyanin synthesis, regulation --r95 r569 r760
apomixis, evaluation(s) --r503 r504 r774
arabinoxylan, methods --r595
aroma, chemistry --r778 r977
auxin, mechanism --r627
biomass yield --r29 r30 r98
bird damage, evaluation(s) --r218
breakage susceptibility --r4
brown midrib, chemistry, forage quality --r307 r884
C4 photosynthesis --r323
cadmium --r593
calcium content, function --r62 r849
callose, development --r504 r530
callus browning, pest/disease resistance --r224
callus induction, combining ability --r122
carbohydrate concentration, leaf, stem, evaluation(s) --r230
carbon dioxide exchange rate --r422
cell division, regulation --r33
cell wall thickness, pest/disease resistance --r194
chlorophyll content --r658 r985
cob color, food corn --r264
copper --r593
cutin, pest/disease resistance --r317
cytokinin 4-PU-30 --r839
cytoplasmic male sterility --r298
days to 3rd leaf, qtl --r141
days to pollen, qtl --r78 r129 r714
days to silk --r241 r686 r714
dietary fiber content --r116
digestibility --r 28 r38 r56 r595 r572
DIMBOA content, pest/disease resistance --r76
DIMBOA, activity --r759
DIMBOA, biosynthesis --r484
dimethyl sulfide, sweet corn --r977
disarticulation score, qtl --r675
disease response --r397 r430 r838
drought response, abscisic acid levels --r172
drought response, endosperm protein --r34
drought response, evaluation(s) --r597
drought response, methods --r191
drought response, physiology --r663
drought response, qtl --r505
drought response, selection --r129 r219 r491 r715
dry matter content, 3-leaf stage, qtl --r141
dry milling characteristics, food corn --r747
ear growth rate --r98
ear height --r78 r241 r368 r686 r714
ear morphology, combining ability --r15
ears per plant --r129 r686 r714
embryogenesis --r111 r345
ent-kaurene, level --r72
EPTC --r969
fatty acid content, genetic variability --r226 r227
fatty acid content, stress tolerance --r673
feeding value --r30 r56
feeding value, methods --r39
fertilization --r111
ferulic acid, pest/disease resistance --r76 r223 r224 r300
flavor, chemistry --r127 r778 r977
flowering, orthology --r521
flowering, qtl --r675 r676
fluridone, activity --r756 r800
foliar senescence --r654 r824
forage quality --r28 r38 r39 r140 r406 r460 r788 r922
forage yield --r788 r1001
fumonisin content --r208 r217
gibberellin A1 synthesis --r72 r750 r889
glutathione conjugation, genetic relationship --r569
gluten, chemistry --r524
gluten, herbicide response --r89
glycinebetaine deficient --r766
glyphosate, herbicide response --r266 r712
grain filling duration --r98 r100
grain moisture --r294 r368 r714
grain quality, evaluation(s) --r992
grain weight --r16 r738 r955
grain yield --r40 r64 r80 r81 r98 r100 r364 r411 r241 r294 r316 r321 r322 r364 r368 r412 r566 r686 r714 r848
gravitropism --r49 r380 r577 r626 r842
harvest index --r98 r100 r341
heat units to black layer, selection --r641
herbicide response --r203 r309 r500 r524 r569 r712 r969
high amylose endosperm --r116 r305
high oleic acid --r979
histone --r534 r773
huitlacoche production --r833 r905 r911
husk length, pest/disease resistance --r218
hydroxamic acid, pest/disease resistance --r36 r691
indole --r591
indole butyric acid, biosynthesis --r546 r547
indole-3-acetic acid, biosynthesis --r528 r724 r842
inflorescence development, evolution --r853
internode length --r237
invertase activity, qtl --r141
isoleucine, biosynthesis --r816
IVDNSC, combining ability --r28
kaempferol, exogenous application --r701
kairomone --r591
kernel color, food corn --r264
kernel development, nomenclature --r764
kernel hardness --r4 r143 r493 r707 r747 r992
kernel row number, qtl --r714
kernel size, qtl --r675
kernel weight, qtl --r78
leaf area --r100 r237 r714 r1005
leaf development, genetic variability --r288
leaf number --r237 r714 r735
leaf thickness --r194
leaf toughness --r75 r194
lesion, inheritance --r397 r398
leucine, biosynthesis --r816
lignin content --r28 r884
lignin synthesis --r300
lime-cooking properties --r747
lipid content, herbicide response --r969
lipid content, methods --r1001
lysine content, evaluation(s) --r315
male sterile, induction --r634
maysin content, evaluation(s) --r830 r956 r971
MBOA, pest/disease resistance --r352 r730
methionine, level --r980
mycorrhizal infection, evaluation(s) --r35 r705
naphthalic anhydride, interaction --r814
neutral detergent fiber --r28 r572
nuclear male sterility, utilization --r13
oil composition, qtl --r78 r738
opaque endosperm, evaluation(s) --r315
osmotic adjustment, inheritance --r766
osmotic stress response, selection --r219
p-coumaric acid, pest/disease resistance --r76 r223 r224
pericarp browning, pest/disease resistance --r223
pericarp transparency --r10
phenolic content, pest/disease resistance --r223
photoperiod response --r365
photosynthesis, inhibition --r220 r465 r843
photosynthetic efficiency --r100 r182 r220 r278
phytochelatin, induction --r593
plant height --r64 r78 r129 r714 r735 r889
plant height, orthology --r521
pollen germination --r113 r770
pollen thermotolerance, qtl --r276
pollen tube growth, qtl --r770
pollen viability, methods --r113 r114
polyamine, variation --r97
protein content, kernel, qtl --r78 r738
protein content, whole plant, combining ability --r28
quercetin, exogenous application --r701
reducing sugars, 3rd leaf, 4th leaf, qtl --r141
regeneration capacity, genetic control --r345
resistant to AEC, inheritance --r43
resistant to E. turcicum, induction --r725
response to alachlor, selection --r272
response to aluminum --r530 r531 r683 r704
response to Aspergillus flavus --r117 r132 r317 r632 r880 r956
response to bentazon, inheritance --r103
response to Bipolaris maydis --r23 r516 r587
response to Busseola fusca, evaluation(s) --r910
response to Cercospora zeae-maydis --r165 r734
response to Chilo partellus --r6 r7 r419 r482 r910
response to Cicadulina spp. --r410
response to Clavibacter michiganense --r587
response to cold stress --r74 r118 r259 r288 r466 r923 r958 r1003
response to cold stress, methods --r357 r358 -r440 r843
response to corn earworm --r223 r224 r661 r970
response to corn earworm, transgenic expression --r299
response to Diplodia maydis, methods --r587
response to downy mildew, methods --r587
response to Erwinia stewartii, methods --r587
response to European corn borer, 1st --r3 r25 r57 r75 r76 r77 r691 r970
response to European corn borer, 1st, transgenic expression --r31 r32 r162 r299
response to European corn borer, 2nd --r25 r57 r76 r405 r512 r970 r971
response to European corn borer, 2nd, transgenic expression --r31 r32 r162 r299
response to Exserohilum turcicum --r137 r138 r512 r560 r725
response to fall armyworm --r194 r661 r966 r967 r970
response to flooding --r386 r912
response to Fusarium kernel rot --r217 r722
response to Fusarium seedling blight --r208 r718
response to Fusarium stalk rot, methods --r587
response to Gibberella stalk rot, methods --r587
response to glyphosphate, genetic variability --r266
response to heat stress --r219 r275 r904
response to high plains virus --r392
response to imidazolinone, map location --r309
response to maize dwarf mosaic virus --r52 r277 r385 r468 r469 r478 r602
response to maize streak virus --r410 r740
response to maize weevil --r417 r691 r880
response to nicosulfuron --r645 r736 r814
response to nitrogen --r4 r91 r488 r489 r490 r491 r654 r655 r656
response to phosphorus --r35
response to Phyllosticta maydis, toxin --r516
response to Puccinia sorghi --r193 r241
response to Rhizoctonia solani --r424
response to sap beetle, phenolics --r223
response to Sclerophthora macrospora --r587
response to southwestern corn borer --r194 r749 r966 r967 r970
response to Sphacelotheca reiliana, methods --r587
response to Striga --r449 r717
response to sugarcane borer, evaluation(s) --r970
response to sugarcane mosaic virus --r277 r385 r468 r469 r478
response to Ustilago maydis --r50 r587 r674
response to virus, transgenic expression --r310
response to western corn rootworm --r36 r691 r731 r732 r733 r970
rimsulfuron tolerant --r645
root development --r49 r425
root diameter, environmental effects --r342
root length, stress tolerance --r530 r531
root lodging --r30 r268 r294 r368
root number, environmental effects --r342
salinity tolerance --r267 r601
seed germination, methods --r130
seed vigor, methods --r130
seedling emergence --r124
semisterility, source/sink ratio --r1009
single spikelets, description --r215
single-cross performance, prediction --r80 r81
soluble carbohydrate content, whole plant, combining ability --r28
somatic embryogenesis, genetic control --r345
sporopollenin, herbicide response --r969
stalk juice, percent Brix --r459 r460
stalk lodging --r30r294 r368
starch composition --r42 r738 r844
starch content --r78 r116 r992
starch content, whole plant, combining ability --r28
starch synthesis, biochemistry --r571 r609 r630 r825
starch thermal properties --r134 r135
starch, characterization --r647
starch, pathway --r609
starch, properties --r616
starch, regulation --r86
starch, composition --r42
starch, value-added --r844
sterol synthesis --r318
stover lipids, evaluation(s) --r1001
stressed-leaf ABA content --r172
sucrose phosphate synthase activity --r141 r142
sucrose synthase activity, qtl --r141
sucrose, 3rd leaf, 4th leaf, qtl --r141
susceptible to bentazon, inheritance --r103
tassel branch number, qtl --r714
terbufos, interaction --r814
thiol peptide, induction --r593
threonine-overproducing, biochemistry --r612
truxillic acid, truxinic acid, pest/disease resistance --r76
tryptophan content --r247 r248 r315
tryptophan synthesis --r724
valine, biosynthesis --r816
vertical root pulling strength --r731 r733
wax synthesis, herbicide response --r969
wax(es), pest/disease resistance --r317
waxy endosperm --r4
wet milling characteristics, evaluation(s) --r992
wet milling starch yield, evaluation(s) --r992
zinc content --r421

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