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Surfing for mutants: crinkly4 alleles in the Neuffer collection
--Becraft, PW

Browsing through the maize genome database, I came upon images of 2 mutants from the Neuffer collection that were located on chromosome 10S and which bore striking resemblance to crinkly4, also on 10S (Stinard, MNL 65:17, 1991). The mutants were designated ad*-N590C and ad*-N647. Allelism tests between both these mutants and cr4 were positive. Additionally, three mutants with similar phenotypes to cr4 resulted from an EMS mutagenesis performed by Lisa Harper (Harper et al., MNL 69:22, 1995). The similarity to cr4 was noted by Laurie Smith who sent them to me. The mutants were derived from the families LH624, LH651 and LH1231. Allelism tests between these three mutants and cr4 were also positive.

The following designations for these mutants are proposed: cr4-N590, cr4-N647, cr4-H624, cr4-H651 and cr4-H1231.

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