Will Provine and Lee Kass have recently been funded by the National Science Foundation to conduct research for an intellectual biography of Barbara McClintock. Over a decade ago Provine initiated this project when he interviewed McClintock, Rhoades, Beadle and others regarding their contributions to maize cytogenetics. More recently Kass has contacted and/or interviewed many of McClintock's friends, colleagues and former students to gain insights for this study. One of our goals is to discern the influence that McClintock had upon the development of individual scientists and their work. Most people have been more than generous with their time and many have given us correspondence to document the many stories that prevail regarding McClintock's life and scientific contributions. Kass has examined McClintock's papers at the American Philosophical Society Library. She plans to visit other archives where correspondence and other materials may be found that will document McClintock's career. In the spirit of the founding of this News Letter we invite you to help us by contacting Lee Kass or Will Provine with any insights, or information you have that may aid us in our research. We thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer. Please contact us at the following addresses:

Lee B. Kass				William Provine
L. H. Bailey Hortorium			Corson Hall
462 Mann Library			Cornell University
Cornell University			Ithaca New York  14853
Ithaca New York 14853			607-254-4264; wbp2@cornell.edu
607-255-2131; email LBKBHWON@aol.com     

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